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A reader pointed out that I missed an interesting interview with the British art collector Charles Saatchi last month. The Guardian newspaper popped into the house of Saatchi and his famous cooking partner Nigella Lawson to ask him a few questions about art and life.

And he says the reason he doesn’t give too many interviews is because “I come over as shifty. One thing that makes my flesh crawl is reading about myself.”

The full interview and report can be seen here. I just stole a few quotes from Saatchi and have added them below..

  • Obviously, if you do what I do you are going to end up making people sometimes happy and sometimes unhappy. I cannot, nor would I want to, buy everything I see, so I have to make decisions about what I like. I like to keep my collecting fresh, and I think people have got the message.
  • Like any religious convert I have discovered the internet terribly late. The more interested I got in the site, the more I thought it could be a useful outlet – showcase, whatever – for artists who don’t have dealers. Let them deal directly with collectors. Scanning a website to see work by an artist halfway across the world is the lazy way to do it, but probably the only effective way.
  • If you’re not in the loop, if you didn’t go to the right art school, if you don’t know the right people who have the right dealers, it’s very hard to break in.
  • No, of course I’m not in it for the money. I make a lot of money from the stuff I sell, but then I pay incredibly high prices for the things I want. That’s how I get what I like. The market is so insane.

See the online art community that Charles Saatchi is creating with his gallery website.

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