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Leith has let me know of this painting video below on YouTube. It’s of the Australian painter Christopher Lees working on a large painting called “Harmony Reign”. It’s set to classical music and really works. It was also quite frustrating for me as I don’t have a studio to paint in!Update 2013: I changed the video as the last one was no longer working.. which may or may not make the comments below and my introduction above invalid.

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  1. That was fabulous, as well as seeing a beautiful painting emerge.

  2. Awesome. Simply awesome. I want more videos like this!

  3. I’m in the UK and have followed this blog for a long time. There are very few decent artblogs out there and I consider this is one of them. However, this really is the limit. I have to vent my spleen!

    This video’s well put together but the work (the painting), in my opinion, is TOTALLY GRIM. TOTALLY AWFUL.

    Mr Lees may well be succesful in Oz but how does his work figure in wider contemporary painting practice? Has he or those who ‘enjoy’ his work heard of the Leipzig school? Cecily Brown? Thomas Weischer? Albert Oehlen?
    OR EVEN Picasso? Bacon? Guston? De Kooning?

    If this is your idea for painting in the 21st century then I really, REALLY despair!

    Painting is a calling of overwhelming eywatering gravity and anyone selling, ‘painting’ this schlock should have a centuries worth of art history rammed into them by force! More videos yes but please God NOT of this man and his dreadful ‘art’.

  4. It’s good to vent your spleen sometimes Anon. I don’t agree with you, but I still think it’s fine to have an opinion.

    I’m not arguing that Christopher Lees is the 21st century Picasso, but it’s still an entertaining video for painters. (Also, I hadnt heard of him before seeing the video, and I’m in Australia).

    I also don’t think that history has decided that expressionism is the only way to paint in the 21st century either. I love the painters you mentioned, but there’s just as many interesting artists out there doing good stuff that don’t drip paint on the floor while working.

  5. Is that a bug?

  6. Loved it. I’m a painter, and painters love to see how others set up their studios, use the materials, etc.

  7. There is no contemporary painting school. Get of tour high horse. Painting has been destroyed and reborn to what ever a person wants to paint today.

  8. I don’t see why an artist shouldn’t paint any way he likes. Picasso? Bacon? Guston? De Kooning? Doesn’t Anonymous realise they are just as out of date now as this guy.

  9. anywhere on the net I can your offerings Mr Anonymous?

  10. I knew Chris years ago when he did sign writing back in Lightning Ridge NSW, for a short time. (though he was NEVER an opal miner here. I can assure you of that!) He became a close friend of my family.
    It’s great to see him actually doing something with his skills. (though that familiar sign writing style still shines through in the signature! lol)

    I may have left the white gum trees out of this work? They seem a little distracting to the eye IMHO.

  11. To UK Anonymous.. For some one who is obviously trying to sound as though they have such knowledge of art. Arent you missing the point? Does every artist have to be compared to the previous for the rest of eternity? Art is something that creates emotion in the veiwer. I think his work is brilliant, and am a massive fan. Ok you dont like it. Whats the point in “anonymously” bagging out someone on a blog? Yes your intitled to your opinion,, but so am I, and I reckon your a dickhead.

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