Cityscape Paintings

newcastle cityscape painting

I have a love/hate relationship with cities but I have always loved cityscape paintings. Cities are like giant still life pictures with ants crawling all over them. Ants in cars, ants in buildings, ants on phones, ants crossing the street.. they’re everywhere. They’re usually as ugly as they are beautiful. Anyway, enough rambling, here’s some cityscape paintings by artists from around the world..

They’re a random collection of cityscape paintings from dead famous painters through to alive and unknown artists. Feel free to suggest more cityscape painters in the comments.

oskar kokoshka cityscapeOskar Kokoschka cityscape – Istanbul

jeremy mann cityscape paintingJeremy Mann cityscape – Construction #3 – Painter based in California. See more of his work at his website here.

new york city cityscape paintingPaul Balmer cityscape – High as the Horizon. I have always loved this guy’s NYC cityscapes. See more of his paintings at his website here.

paris cityscape paintingAlessandro Papetti cityscape – Paris. Italian artist. Alessandro doesn’t seem to have a website.

cityscape paintingsMitchell Long cityscape – Ashville NC parking garage view. As much as I dislike facebook and the people that run it, I love that I discover so many great artists like Mitchell on it. He also does some really interesting interior paintings. His website can be found here.

philip guston cityscape paintingPhilip Guston cityscape – City 1969.

Maria Helena Vieira da Silva cityscapeMaria Helena Vieira da Silva – Applause for Madness. A lot of good cityscape paintings end up looking like abstractions or still life paintings.

brett whiteley cityscape parisBrett Whiteley cityscape – Wandering up to Montmartre in the Rain.

chicago cityscape paintingValerio D’Ospina – Chicago Alley. Valerio does a lot of urban, industrial, gritty works that are really nice. See the artist’s website here.

melbourne cityscape paintingDion Archibald – Melbourne Cityscape. Bit of self promotion, one of my own cityscapes! The image at the top of the post is mine too.

I know there’s a bunch of great cityscape paintings that I left out but the post was getting long and I’m getting hungry! ;-)

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  1. I have one that I did for fun over top of a failed painting. My artist friend thinks it’s great so that’s why I’m mentioning it here. It can be seen at When Art Goes Wrong What Do You Do?

    • Yeah, it’s a great way to find new parts of your artist-self that you never knew existed Lisa. New colours, new brush strokes, new techniques. I think if we’re not failing regularly we’re probably not trying hard enough!

  2. I wouldnt usually promote myself on someone elses blog but as this is an invitation to promote cityscapes I would love you to see my latest painting called ‘Sleeping City’. Any feed back would be gratefully received . You can see it here…..

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