Cloaca Shit to be Auctioned at Sotheby’s

An item of interest in Sotheby’s upcoming London auction on the 6th of February is a piece of shit, literally. It’s called CLOACA FAECES (NEW YORK, 26.01.2002, 2.30 P.M.) by the Belgian artist Wim Delvoye. It was created by his shit making machine that I mentioned a while ago.

Wim Delvoye's Cloaca Shit Machine
There’s an auction estimate of between 2,000—3,000 GBP for the piece of shit. It would be a good conversation piece, but I’m not sure if I could live with it.

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  1. LOL! oh well!!!!!!

  2. Donald Frazell says:

    Just put it on top of any of Damien Hirsts pickled critters, birds of a feather….

  3. the coca-cola reference – please, spare me…

  4. That’s really gross.

  5. The logo looks to be a combination of Coca Cola and Ford Vvoi.

    Perhaps his message is, if you have good enough marketing you can sell any kind of shit to the public. And he would be right if that was his message.

  6. A multiple tribute to the power of modern art to shock, the power of marketing, & the poor taste of the public. Appropriate how the maker (I won’t call him an artist) uses a Latin word (“cloaca”) that means sewer. I assume he likes the exotic flavor (!) of the word & its similarity to CocaCola. As a high school science fair project this would earn a C+. Biology students are familiar with the term:

  7. I think the whole “shit-making machine” would be a rather cool installation piece, if it was set up so that the audience could witness the digestive process and the evolution from food to feces.

    The end product, however, not so crazy about…

  8. This piece is crazy funny to me, personally! I get a kick out of these pieces of art (optional title), because when you study the crafts of historical artists in class and while taking a trip to your local art museum, a piece of shit such as this poo should break any art viewer’s contemplative face into that of dirty laughter. Sure, I would never fork over money for something like this, but can’t we just have a laugh about it over a cup of tea?!

  9. I think it’s funny too.
    Maybe I should piss in a jar, catch some of my own shit and bag it and wrap it in plastic, hand it, with a backdrop, call it piss n shit or something. Do you think that would get me into Southebys?

  10. Artist’s shit in a can han has already been done by Piero Manzoni and yes, one of his cans of shit was recently at a Sothebys auction too. I can’t remember how much it sold for.

  11. Donald Frazell says:

    Man, that would have to be some old shit.

  12. The LEAST this “artist” could do is remold the shit, with his hands, back into an apple! I mean, put SOME artistry into the final product. ANYONE can make shit and they do!

  13. I’m selling a little ball of my shit. Bids start at whatever you want cuz really, it’s art. It’s so arty it’s shitty. And we all know art is only worth what people are willing to pay for it. Even though I worked ALL night and DAY to produce my little ball of shit, it’s art, dagnabit! ART I say……ART!

  14. I bid minus $20 for your ball of shit Jennifer, meaning i’ll accept delivery of it if you give me $

  15. Andres Serrano has declared himself the master of fecal art. I wonder how much competition he has? I’ve heard different stories about the guy who did the cans– some say it was not his own while other say it was not all fecal matter. Anyone using urine these days?

  16. I think you need to appreciate that this artist has been to the top art schools and has the finest graduate/post graduate qualifications. This is why he can sell his shit.

    Makes sense?


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