Coffee Art in a Mug

I like it when my passions cross over. Like when art meets wine or when nature meets art. I have also recently discovered that art has also met coffee! I wouldn’t say that coffee is a great passion of mine, but I can’t ctop drinking the stuff, so I must have some kind of connection with it.

Anyway, here’s some coffee art or latte art by these guys here..

And here’s a Picasso-esque head in coffee..

There’s also people out there creating coffee art to hang on the wall. I’m not sure how it would keep, but it’s kind of interesting.

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Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. Very neat. Too bad it’s addictive, a? :P

  2. Yeah, it’s a pity Nathalie. I do try and stick to one cup a day though, so I’m not as bad as some friends that seem to use coffee as a substitute for water.

    Everything is good for you.. in moderation.


  3. Ohhhh that is tooo kewl! VERY VERY CREATIVE! I didn’t even think that anyone could do that! Ohhh that is outstanding! Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Indeed. I always said I would neeever… needless to say that didn’t last. I never go above one cup a day but mostly I keep it down to just a few cups a week…

  5. Yeah, it feels more special too when you don’t drink it too much. My goal is one cup of coffee every two days.. but I’m slow to change.

  6. Oh!! That is amazing!! That’s creative and really smart in a business matter as well.. i would definately go to that coffee shop again and again :))

  7. This is great! I’m an artist and I work in a coffeeshop, which I joke makes me qualified to make latte art. These guys are much more advanced than my little swirls in the mochas. Awesome!

  8. I wish I knew how to do this! I just got a coffee/espresso/cappuccino machine with the milk frother. I imagine I could try making latte art. Of course, seeing them make it looks a lot easier that it is ;)

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