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It may look like I don’t like people commenting on Art News Blog as I seem to have a whine about them from time to time, but I really do enjoy reading most of them (the comments about viagra and personal finance don’t do much for me). The comments that disagree with my opinion are even welcome (even though they may be wrong! ;-)

Here’s some types of comments that are deleted..

  • Comments that link to spammy stuff. I don’t care how much you say that you love art news blog, your links to loans, viagra, cheap software, and cheap drugs will be deleted.
  • Offensive comments. You can disagree with a person without being offensive or using obscene language. I’m no angel myself, but I understand that not everyone wants to hear me talk like a sailor, so I don’t let the comments of sailors stay.
  • Comments with links that have nothing to do with the post. If there’s a post about an exhibition and you have wrote about it, or know of a good link about that exhibition, a link is encouraged. It adds to the post and is related to it.
    If you write half a sentence and then link to your site that has nothing to do with the post, it just looks like you’re after a link.

art news blog commentsIt’s easy to link to your site without getting your comment deleted. Just choose “Other” when you are leaving a comment, and add your name and website address (remember to include http:// at the beginning of your address or it won’t link to your site properly.)

I don’t have a problem with people linking to their websites, I just don’t want the comments to look like a web directory.

You don’t have to have a website or a blogger account to comment either, as there’s an “Anonymous” option too. I find that controversial comments always seem to be made by “Anonymous”, which is quite funny.

One more thing, if you have any news of interest that you think I should post on Art News Blog, send it to me here, rather than just posting your own press release on an unrelated post.
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Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. I appreciate your site, and that you still allow comments in spite of all the spam etc. Though I don’t comment as often as I used to, I’m still reading :)

  2. hi, I hope you will not take it as spam, I enjouy your blog, and I hope you will check mine:


  3. Yes, I think it’s great to let the peoples commenting freely. Not easy to avoid spams, but I recommend akismet, it’s free and easy to setup.
    But, I take the opportunity to give an info on a new European website CultureInside that promotes young artists and develop several thema. Just take a look and let your comments.

  4. Hey Nathalie
    Good to hear that I havent bored you away ;-) I like the look of your new blog design too.

    Piotrek, I wouldnt say that your comment is spam, but I would prefer it if you left your link in your signature/name/identity. Choose “Other” when signing your name, rather than signing it with your blogger account. Then you can add your name and website address, without making the comments look like a web directory of links.

    It’s probably of more benefit to you as a visitor can just click on your signature and go to your website.

    For example, on the post above yours, Click on “Nathalie Winberg” and you will be taken to her website.

    Gila, I enjoyed the Turkish feature on CultureInside. I spent some time doing paintings of Turkey several years ago.


  5. Oh thanks Dion, I’ve worked with it for weeks so I’m glad it looks OK :)

  6. hey, thanks for advice

  7. Piotrek,
    When you fill in “Your Web Page” on the comments form, you have to start your url with http:// otherwise people will get an error when they click on your name. If you dont add http:// it will look like this..

  8. Nice site. Comprehensive and informative art news. I’ve added your link to Fine Art at Home.


  9. Thanks Mike.. much appreciated.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Very nice blog! Thank you.


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