Conceptual Artist Sol LeWitt Dies at 78

The American conceptional artist Sol LeWitt recently passed away at the age of 78. The artist died after a long struggle with cancer.

“He reduced art to a few of the most basic shapes (quadrilaterals, spheres, triangles), colors (red, yellow, blue, black) and types of lines, and organized them by guidelines he felt in the end free to bend. Much of what he devised came down to specific ideas or instructions: a thought you were meant to contemplate, or plans for drawings or actions that could be carried out by you, or not.” NY Times

conceptual artist sol lewitt

Sol LeWitt – born September 9, 1928 – died April 8, 2007

Here’s some Sol LeWitt quotes about art..

  • The artist is seen like a producer of commodities, like a factory that turns our refrigerators.
    Sol LeWitt
  • The artist’s aim is not to instruct the viewer, but to give information, whether the viewer understands the information is incidental to the artist.
    Sol LeWitt
  • Artists teach critics what to think. Critics repeat what the artists teach them.
    Sol LeWitt
  • Artists are mystics rather than rationalists. They leap to conclusions that logic cannot reach.
    Sol LeWitt
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  1. I was never a fan of his work but I appreciated the impact it had.

  2. Yeah, Sol LeWitt wouldnt be on my list of top ten favourite artists, but he is a big fish.

    I like paint too much to feel anything for hard edged shapes of colour. I like to be sure that it’s a painting in front of me, so drips, brush marks, and texture usually excite me.

  3. I wasn’t much of a fan myself.

    It is always a bit sad when someone passes.
    All artist’s should know though that their works will stay forever.Even if their bodies leave us, their art stays.
    Hope that didn’t sound preachy there. :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think a lot of artists probably find comfort in the fact that their work remains.

  5. Hi.

    It knew its work nonwise that had passed away. I think that the conscious being of a disease of these characteristics influences in the state of I animate of the artist.
    Which can be seen reflected in its work. Its colors and their forms. I believe that you in his articulate is much right. There are people who see the artist as one makes of products

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