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outsider artist

I love troublemakers. I used to think all artists were troublemakers by nature but the more artists I met, the more I saw that we’re conformist sellouts just like those in finance, politics and big business. I understand we all have bills to pay but I would like to see more artists questioning the system that rules over us.

Outsider artists seem to be more comfortable looking at conspiracy theories because they really are outsiders. They don’t care what the system thinks of their strange questions as they usually dwell on the fringes of society. They have less to put at ransom as they have less invested in the system.

Here’s some conspiracy theory art by the outsider artist Parker Lanier in Texas USA. He looks at false flag attacks, the CIA, Israel, Iran, 911 attacks of the world trade center, freemasonry, the all seeing eye, pyramids, the illuminati, shadow governments.. all fun stuff.

uss Enterprise attack

911 Truth painting

Shadow government and cia

new world order painting

The artist doesn’t just do conspiracy theory art though. Check his other art out at his blog here.

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Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. Your back! Finally! Thank GOD!!!
    And no back to normal for me. It is always easier to point finger at others, especially others that don’t exist or are exagerated into meaninglessness, than looking in the mirror.
    Of course, the other pole of constant mirror gazing(narcissists) are the vast majority of artistes. Truth is always the third way.
    Hope all is well Dion, go at em!

  2. Yeah, it only took 3 years! lol Still adjusting things, adding, taking away, but back to stay.
    Back to almost no visitors and feeling like I’m talking to myself but I’m hoping that will change :-)
    And have you softened with age Donald? No longer the bulldog eating sensitive artistes for breakfast? Now the wise man above all the art crap? ;-)

  3. Nah, still the angry old guy to the blogging world. Loving father husband and friend to those who know me, Well, those who don’t hate me.
    We are known by our enemies as much as our friends. I win.
    When you coming to Cali?
    And your old fans will return. Only post on Artinfo’s LACMonfire blog now, as LA Times has a three page contract to sign to post. HellNo!!!
    Do mess with Jerry Saltz from time to time, but busy with art and life.

  4. I wish I was in the position to be thinking about a trip to the US!! Since buying a house my income went down by about 90%!! lol (It’s a laugh or cry kinda thing, I choose to laugh at it).
    So yeah the mortgage and bills have to be the focus for now, but I do need a holiday. Hoping things turn around for the better in the next few months. I have a few balls in the air and will just run with whatever works.
    The important thing is I’m still painting and am as happy as a pig in shit! lol

  5. Highest quality I am sure.

  6. Just got a FB page for my art going. Thanks Dion.

  7. Cheers Parker.. I just liked your fb page. Love your work!

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