Dakis Joannou’s Jeff Koons Yacht

The Greek billionaire businessman and art collector Dakis Joannou has had the exterior of his 114 ft luxury yacht designed by Jeff Koons. The owner called his yacht “Guilty” after a Sarah Morris text painting according to the Monaco Eye website.

Dakis Joannou's jeff koons yacht

Joannou launched the yacht with get-together that included art world notables like Nicholas Serota, Jeffrey Deitch, Larry Gagosian, Marian Goodman, Maurizio Cattelan, and Ashley Bickerton.

Dakis Joannou's jeff koons yacht
The closeup of the luxury yacht looks more Roy Lichtenstein than Jeff Koons, but the artist said he was more influenced by WW1 camouflage patterns.

It’s different. I’m not sure Jeff Koons would be my first choice if I had a giant yacht to paint. I might choose Jeff Koons to trim my hedges into giant puppy dogs or to hang hoovers and household items on the wall, but I wouldn’t let him touch my yacht. I would probably call in a minimalist artist and tell him or her to paint it white.

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  1. That is one big ugly boat. Rich people have no taste.

  2. YUK!

  3. It reminds me of that 80s show Miami Vice. I keep looking for Sonny and Rico running around on it.

  4. If I wanted an artist to paint my boat I think it would have to be the UK artist Nicola Slattery. I just saw her one of a city gent riding a giant fish up the river Thames with the City of London sky line in the background. Its part of The City After Hours exhibition at the RONA gallery (www.ronagallery.com) in Mayfair London. I also like Davids Kirks paintings of some blokes enjoying a pint outside a pub but for me a giant fish on the side of the boat is what I would like to keep sharks away.
    As for Jeff Koons trying to use ww1camoflage on the boat I don’t think it will help Dakis Joannou much to evade customs as his boat will still show up on radar but maybe it stops starving artists finding and chasing after him trying to sell him a painting?

  5. Donald Frazell says:

    Thomas Kincaide could paint a beautiful sunset on one side, and sunrise on the other. you know how subtle and true his art is. Just saw him hawking a “painting” to NASCAR fans on ESPN for only two easy payments of $39.39. Plus a free drawing!

    We have the largest mural in the world of whales and dolphins on our arena here in the LBC, could paint a killer whale on the side. Or perhaps dollar bills, or euros, if the owners personality is desired to be shown.

  6. That gets my imagination going Donald. I would like to sell my soul on late night infomercials. To create a whole bunch of paintings (done by a factory of Chinese painters to my specifications), and to sell them like Tony Robbins sells his self help stuff.

    I could say things like, but wait, there’s more, not only do you get this original painting painted by skilled artists, but you also get this free drawing.. along with a little piece of my soul that comes free of charge.

    Hurry, call now, there’s just 3000 left in stock! Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime oportunity!

    Now, that would be art. I would become a God among men in no time!..lol.

    Don’t steal my idea either.. I thought of it first ;-)

  7. Donald Frazell says:

    You got the site to bring art to the world, though Kincaide already has the chain of galleries. And now shown personally painting at Talledega, and then explainng the passion of his immaculately related details. Gonna be hard to top that, but i got faith in you(woops, breaking a Commandment, or is Kincaide god?What does that make Koons and Hirst?)
    Art now is now so deep. Pocketed.

  8. Abandon ship! Wow… imagine if something ‘happened’ during that launch. For better or for worse those are some major players in the art world. Someone should mod that yacht into one of the PC Grand Theft Auto games, like now!

  9. I really don’t like that boat.

    Maybe it helps to camouflage it if you put skewed shapes all over it, but it just looks ugly like someone got over enthusiastic with a graphics package and stuck it on the yacht.

    It upsets my eyes!

  10. Dan Fairline says:

    If you called Koons to trim your bushes into a bunny, he’d call on his workers to do it for him.
    I honestly don’t know how that guy is able to sleep on his millions of dollars, while the kids he employs are paid extremely minimal. (not minimum wage, but certainly nowhere NEAR what Koons ends up pocketing at the end of the year)
    He’s the Warhol of the 21st century. He gets the credit while there’s others sweat in those pieces.

  11. A lot of old masters had a team of assistants too Dan. It’s nothing new.

    On a positive note, he is providing employment to artists that might otherwise be working in McDonalds or Wal-Mart.

  12. Donald Frazell says:

    Hirst is actually doing a good job training the MFAs for their future jobs at wallmart, stocking shelves, filling fish tanks, kissing ass…

  13. Huh, that boat just screams attention, but maybe that was the whole point, to make a big impression.
    Its not a WW1 style-camo, but a brightly colored, sharp shaped lego version. I’m a member of Dakis Deste Foundation for Contemporary Art as an artist, but hmmmm..that lego boat is out there, but interesting, lifestyles of the rich and famous, eh

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