Damien Hirst Babies in Qatar

damien hirst in qatar

Fourteen large bronze fetus sculptures have been unveiled to the public in Dohar, Qatar. Damien Hirst was commissioned to create the “Miraculous Journey” to be displayed in front of the new Sidra Medical and Research Center. The 14 baby bronzes coincide with a major Damien Hirst retrospective at the Qatar Museum Authority’s newest gallery Al Riwaq Doha.

The sculptures have been wrapped in bubbles for the past few weeks and were recently unveiled with a bang. Here’s Qatar’s news channel Al Jazeera at the unveiling..

Or here’s a still image..

damien hirst sculptures

Damien Hirst – The Miraculous Journey @ Sidra Medical and Research Center in Qatar, Doha.

Personally, I really like them. If I was a hospital, and I know that’s not possible as I’m a person, but if I was, I would want Hirst’s babies in front of me ;-)

Relics at the Al Riwaq Doha exhibition space is the first solo exhibition of Damien Hirst in the Middle East. It’ll display some of the artist’s most famous works along with a number of previously unseen works. For the Love of God (diamond encrusted skull), The Immortal (dead shark), Ventolin (spot painting) and Enemy (medicine cabinet) are among the works on show.

hirst qatar exhibition

See more about the Damien Hirst exhibition at the website made specifically for the show here.

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  1. Probably bigger than necessary, but what the hell, its Qatar. Looks like medical book illustrations made 3D. Would like to see various stages of development one in front looks malnourished with a cut. Not a bad “concept” but could be better execution. Need to se more photos though. An bigger is not better, just creepier. Hey, it is almost Halloween.

  2. Art? The shark isn’t, the womb with child isn’t.
    The spider is, but that ‘s not this man’s work.
    That’s from a real artist.

  3. Those are really interesting but they kinda creep me out at the same time.


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