Damien Hirst buys Gothic Manor

The contemporary British artist Damien Hirst will soon become lord of his own Gothic manor after purchasing a 3 million pound Gloucestershire residence. The 300 room Gothic mansion is reportedly in very bad condition, which could cost as much as another 10 million to bring it back to its former glory. Hirst will turn the building into a centerpiece for his contemporary art.
He may need to first build a couple pharmacies to cover the costs. :-)
Hirst snaps up rotting Gothic manor
“Adam Stanford, a historian and archaeologist who has written about the house, said: “It’s an eerie sort of place which I could imagine would chime with Hirst’s imagination.
“It’s the sort of building which needs someone with vision to restore it. The fear was that it would be turned into some sort of corporate venue” Guardian

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  1. Excellent news about Hirst’s purchase!

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