Damien Hirst Diamond Skull Sells

Damien Hirst’s diamond skull (For the Love of God)has reportedly been sold for $100 million. The buyers were an unnamed investment group, which doesn’t surprise me at all.

The BBC says that the investment group “planned to re-sell the artwork at a later date. Hirst also retains part-ownership.”

diamond skull

Call me a skeptic, but I’m always suspicious of private sales that break records by large amounts. Both the artist and the buyer have an interest in publishing the highest price possible. If the seller is as business savvy as Damien Hirst and the buyer is an investment group, it just increases my suspicions.

Bloomberg reports that “The sale is expected to close in three to four weeks, when all the paperwork is finished, Dunphy said. The group of buyers would be required to show the skull for two or three years in museums around the world, he said.”

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  1. Sounds like a pretty good deal for Hirst, not only does he get the money from the sale of the skull but he also retains a part share and they exhibit it.

    As an artist wanting to show your work and make a living you couldn’t get better than that really.

    I saw the Damien Hirst exhibition at the White Cube, and I have to say the prospect of seeing the skull was the thing that interested me least. There was a large queue to see it and you needed a separate ticket to view it for five seconds so I didn’t bother!

    The rest of the show was great, lots of new works with the usual mix from Hirst of art and science including a giant periodic table that Hirst had adapted.

  2. Hirst is reported to have said his next project will be two bejeweled skeletons shagging. I think he sums up well his contribution to art (very little) and circus (very much)with such a statement. I know we are all reading about it and here I am writing about it but the whole shark, cow, spots, skull saga is becoming so boring. What would really shock us all is for his next work to have some quality and artistic merit…. but then it probably wouldn’t sell. As for his part ownership of the skull i wonder if his share exeeds 99%. It’s a great way to hype a load of tosh. No one lost money underestimating the lack of taste and discernment of the masses. Hollywood, Harry Potter, Tracy Emmin, The Bee Gees, MacDonalds, …. I rest my case..!

  3. I’m afraid I simply don’t understand it! An expensive, well-crafted & ostentatious paperweight perhaps, but art?

  4. A craft it is. Nothing more.

  5. it will look so nice in the corporate death lounge

  6. Jules Dionysius says:

    Hirst is indeed a great creative mind and is work had historical relevance, but the art had to start turning other way, ideological speaking, the art cannot continue to be a mere puppet in the hands of capitalists, a product to made business, this is why many former imobiliary investers are now pointing they guns to art, dispiting they can care less about art, just about the monetary value art unfortunable get

  7. Anonymous says:

    bejeweled skeletons shagging.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I prefer Fiona Hall’s beautiful skull woven from glass beads. It’s more interesting and she did it first.

  9. i think its okay i suppose but hayley cuff hates it :0 xx

  10. Anonymous says:

    i think hirsts work is really inspiring. and i think fair play to him hes minted and people react over his work, whether it be a good reaction or a bad reaction..you still remember it. i find that far more interesting than a well painted picture or a well carved sculpture, thats all you remember it by. weldone to hirst i think hes a legend!


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