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I wasn’t going to mention Damien Hirst again for at least a few months after the Hirst/Sotheby’s auction and the hype that surrounded it, but I thought this news was interesting.

Damien Hirst’s merchandising company Other Criteria is opening up shop next to Sotheby’s in London. The Hirst shop will be open for business on the 6th of October at 36 New Bond Street, London.

Damien Hirst Pharmaceutical Print

According to Bloomberg there will be products from the Other Criteria website for sale, including things like a limited edition charm bracelet with 23 pills attached for 25,000 pounds, Hirst postcards, a series of gold sculptures, prints, posters, and other Hirst inspired merchandise.

I have joked that Damien Hirst should list himself on the stock exchange, but it’s now a serious recommendation! I would be investing my money in the greatest business artist alive today. It’s a safer bet than the financial institutions around the world that are currently falling down around our feet.

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  1. oh la la where do I sign up ;)

    what took him so long on the shop eh?

  2. American History X film director Tony Kaye is currently working for Damian Hirst who is paying Kaye in artworks which he’ll be selling to pay of a pile of debts.


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