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I’m susbcribed to a whole bunch of newsletters and am bombarded with all kinds of promotional emails, most of which I never open. But one that I always open is from Other Criteria. It is a collective of artists, pushing all kinds of limited editions, prints, and publications, but I really only look at what Damien Hirst is selling.

I find the man endlessly fascinating. How can a man that sells deckchairs and clocks still pull off auction sales like he does? I’m sure I’ll tire of him someday and hate him for what he’s doing to art, but that day hasn’t come yet. I still love him, even if I don’t care much for his art. I almost bought the Damien Hirst clock below, but I just bought a whole bunch of art supplies (why is cadmium so damn expensive?!), so my art budget has blown out this month.

Damien Hirst sauasage in bottle

Innocence Lost
Damien Hirst
200 x 50 mm
Glass bottle with sauasge and alcohol

Innocence Lost, a glass baby’s bottle containing a pork sausage pickled in alcohol, makes foul, connotative paradoxes out of ideas of nourishment and nurture. Visually, the work is a reminder of Hirst’s formaldehyde pieces as well as the surreal performances of pantomime and Punch & Judy shows. It is at once humorous and disturbing.

The glass bottle is engraved with the edition number, Hirst logo and signature.
Price: £5,200.00

Damien Hirst Clock
Large Spot Clock
Damien Hirst
35 cm diameter
White powdered metal case and metal back
German Quartz movement

The clock uses Hirst’s popular spot paintings as its face, the front of which is printed with his signature and the Hirst/Hirst logo. The rear is printed with the Other Critera logo and the clock name.

Price: £475.00

The Other Criteria newsletter is really worth subscribing to, especially if you’re an artist that thinks art is precious or that art and commerce shouldn’t mix.

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  1. Oh, it’s a sausage! I thought he’d started to pickle unmentionables. Guess I’ve lost my innocence.

  2. Let us not forget that some of those prices that Hirst gets are because he keeps the price up. He is notorious for buying his own work back in the million dollar ranges to keep his payoff and interest in his stuff WAY high.
    Like the stock market, like the thoroughbred horse market, like every other inflated market there is in the world today.

  3. I wouldn’t say I was fascinated but I do understand where you are coming from. As for the auction prices, I am guessing that collectors have a vested interest in keeping the cost high, otherwise they lose their investment. Like many investments they are artificially inflated and has nothing to do with reality.

  4. With everything that is wrong in the world today, it fits right in. It bores me, and quite frankly I am disgusted with the Emperor’s New Clothes mentality. Give me an innocent child with a crayon and it beats the pants off the HOPE posters and sausages in bottles.

  5. Just shows where your mind is at Ian..lol. Don’t go giving your ideas away like that so easily either.

    Tina, I would never defend their art. I’m really interested in the art market and how some artists play the game. I also want art to keep its innocence.. whatever that means. So, Im a contradiction.

  6. I, too, often find Hirst’s work (at its best) fascinating (shame on me!). Bottled Innocence made me queasy in the stomach – with all its connotations of “the creative act” nurturing, father/child stuff etc – and there’s not many artists that can affect me physically by their work with something that is so simple. You have to say the guy has a unique mind, if nothing else and is surely the modern day Warhol. Is it art?? well that’s another question, but it certainly is the product of a strange and unique mind. The clock? – Tres ordinaire

  7. Anonymous says:

    I personally think it is crap and we are all buying it because the art critics said so…..
    I feel only clever exploitation when I see Hirst work, never do I feel a tinge of creativity or inspiration.
    He has done a lot of damage to us artists—
    he has made art into a circus act–that people are paying crazy amounts of money to have.

  8. You see they are finally imploding over at The Guardian over Hirsts painting show. Though its probably just JJ being the troll he is, I do think finally after a year since the economic collapse, brought on by the “patrons” of the arts, it has sunk in. Imperial Clothing the word of the day. Only phoenix is defending it, weakly. Where is Greet? I so loved his pseudo intellectual garbage, especially when his slovenian love child showed up and drove pops nuts.

    Its finally over, 2010 will be the year when a silence falls across the art “scene”. And things will slowly get moving. Self criticism will finally be here, and seaking truth, instead of career. The next few yeas will be important. This hasnt happened sincethe end of WWII. We have to face reality, after decades of losing oneself in entertainment and TV, rather than reality.

    we are living the Chinese curse. May you live in interesting times. But it is in such times of change that art is needed. Time to get to work, time to put aside childish things.

    art collegia delenda est

  9. I thought the top err, art work was a shit!

    It’s a sausage – well good god!


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