Damien Hirst Slaughterhouse

Neighbors of a proposed Damien Hirst studio in Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK are not happy about the artist’s plans. He has already been given permission to build an “art gallery, workshop and center of excellence”.

The problem is that he also plans to build an “abattoir rail” and “fish preparation area”. So his neighbors are petitioning to have his plans stopped.

Fears over Hirst ‘slaughterhouse’
Kim Trinder, who lives opposite the land in Dudbridge Road, said: “It’s disgusting. I don’t want a slaughterhouse and dead animals here. He kills them and then wants to put them in a showroom. Who would do that?” BBC

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  1. oh, eeeek!!!!!!! I feel very squeamish about the idea of artist killing animals to use in art?

    am I vegetarian, I hear some ask?
    no, but!
    but, isn’t that hypocritical, you don’t mind them being killed for bags, shoes, coats, for food? arg!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate this!

  2. I know I’m a big hypocrit (even though I try not to be).

    Fur coats disgust me, yet I have leather shoes and belts. I also chew on cows and chicken, yet I’m outraged by how they are kept and slaughtered.

    I wonder if the neighbors would be just as outraged if a taxidermist was moving in?

  3. Anonymous says:

    it was my understanding that he no longer did the animal art. maybe since his latest (the paintings) are falling short of public attention and scandal that he is thinking of returning to his notorious beginnings.

  4. If Hirst was a taxidermist? Well where I live in Montana we have a plethora of taxidermists. In fact the house I live in was a taxidermist shop long before it was turned into a house / studio. Here most people don’t have a problem with animal sculpture as I like to call it, but I think they would be upset if it was an art studio, slash slaughter house. Of course I am just projecting my own opinion, I don’t like taxidermists either. Back when we were talking about his windows I started looking at Joseph Cornell, He did little boxes, surreal shadow boxes and I think Hirst exaggerated, for the purpose of shock and awe some of those ideas moving from images to the real thing. When I look at his sharks and such I see a connection to large shadow boxes. I think also he just likes to stir the pot, that way his name is out there in the public eye. There is no bad press and scandal sells. There was an artist who used to hang live people on the wall, I don’t remember his name but maybe Hirst could copy him and let the animals be. I hope he doesn’t jump over to the pretty little puppies that Koons likes. Any body seen Fluffy?

  5. I doubt it would run like a real slaughterhouse with truckloads of cows being dropped everyday. I know theyre worth quite a bit, but I think people would start paying a lot less if mr Hirst started killing a few hundred cows, sheep, or sharks a day to put on the market.

    Puppies in glass, cut in half.. now there’s a way to get attention and create a LOT of public outrage. I doubt he would do such a thing, but you never know..

    And yeah, he is possibly THE biggest pot stirrer in the art world (and the art world in general likes to stir the pot!)

  6. This man is sick! Murders helpless animals for his stupid art, what next-people?
    Very sick man and the people that would buy this gross sick have a sick mind too.

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