Damien Hirst’s New Shark

The British artist Damien Hirst plans to tread water and earn up to £24 million doing it. His iconic work of a dead shark floating in formaldehyde, “The Physical Impossibility Of Death In The Mind Of Someone Living” completed in 1991 has been one of the works to be repeated. The original was sold last year to the American Steve Cohen for £7 million ($12 million), while the new derivative work of the dead shark “The Wrath of God” sold to the Samsung Museum in South Korea for £2.28m ($4 million).
The new shark has also come from Australia, but it is also less than half the size of the 1991 original.

Hirst earns £2m at the shark factory
“Among the apparently derivative artworks are a shark in formaldehyde, which has gone for £2.28m, and a work involving three preserved sheep, which is for sale at £5.7m.
Even the artist, who recently put his fortune at £100m, admits that he risks treading water creatively. “I feel I am not going anywhere any more with these works. They look nice and they can sell for ever, but I am not moving forward”
Times Online

There’s also a Damien Hirst exhibition in Mexico, which seems to be selling too. The show is called “The Death of God” and will be showing at Galeria Hilario Galguera up until August (that’s a six month long exhibition and the first exhibition for the gallery.)
Damien Hirst conquers Mexico
“In England if I did a show like this they would think: “Oh God, it is so obvious.” Putting a skull in a painting is too obvious. Because a skull means death. But here they understand that a skull is a metaphor of transient life because Mexico has such a long history loaded with imagery. In North America I would also have problems with this show because they are so afraid of death, they hate this, they cannot look at a skull; they feel like they are under attack. It’s more to do with a sense of humor failure than anything else.” ArtNewspaper
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  1. Most artists repeat the same painting all their life. At least Damien Hirst is man enough to admit he is repeating himself to make a few extra million. Maybe the poor guy wants to buy a few more castles or something.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sheep and sharks in formaldehyde selling for millions? You call that ART? Like someone once said, “There’s an ass for every seat.”

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Victorian Fun Fairs new how to make money with a frak show and would instantly recognise the entertainment value of Mr Hirst. They were also discerning enough to know the difference between a Freak Show and an Art Exhibition. This ability appears to be on the wane at present. Have a look at the paintings by Nicola Slattery (try google)to see that painting talent and art can still be found in combined together.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Freak show art appears to be very popular amoungst todays super rich. I had a look at the work by Nicola Slattery on her web site and she certainly paints a lot of sheep but couldn’t find any sharks. Nice paintings though …. worth another look.

  5. I don’t like much of Hirst’s work as I’m more of a paint lover. But I admire the man for his skills at “being” an artist.
    The man is making millions of dollars selling repeats of work he did years ago. And he probably never even touches the shark. His team of workers would do all the hard work.
    He is a master artist.. or master marketer.. but he is doing what he loves, so good for him.

    Same with Thomas Kinkade. His work is ugly in my opinion, but he lives a comfortable life doing what he wants to do.

  6. Daimian Hurst’s mouth might speak volumes but his art say’s nothing!… he’s just another poor little rich boy with no artistic talent

  7. To be an artist in our postmdoern culture the act of becoming a known artist IS the art just as much as the work itself.

    And it’s spelled Damien Hirst bud, next time research before you talk.

    RE:Daimian Hurst’s mouth might speak volumes but his art say’s nothing!… he’s just another poor little rich boy with no artistic talent

  8. Anonymous says:

    I think its easy to be jealous of a guy making millions out of art. In particular with lots of great artists starving out there, probably you all feel that way.

    But the fact is; I used to hear the same crap about Andy Warhol. So I just think if there someone so excited with their art that theyre eager to pay millions, they obviously dont need I fail to see the problem. Whether or not their work is worth that much has nothing to do with their value as sensitive work that communicates emotions and ideas so strongly. And thats what art used to be about.


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