David Hockney’s Big Trees Painting

David Hockney has given the Tate his largest painting (he has painted some big ones) to date. “Bigger Trees near Warter” is about 40 feet by 15 feet or 5 meters by 12 meters and is made up of 50 panels. Also, I’m told that “Warter” is an actual place, so it’s not a misspelling of “water” like I thought it was.

Hockney said “I thought if I’m going to give something to the Tate I want to give them something really good. It’s going to be here for a while. I don’t want to give things I’m not too proud of.”

David Hockney Bigger Trees Near Warter

He also said “I feel loyal to the Tate. More artists should donate. They should think about it. You can’t quite trust collectors who say they’ll give to the Tate and often don’t.”

According to the TimesOnline, 23 famous British artists agreed to give work to the Tate in 2004, but many big names are yet to come good with their promise. Among those that are yet to give works are Lucian Freud, Richard Hamilton and Gilbert & George. Among the 9 artists that have kept their promise are Damien Hirst, Antony Gormley, and now David Hockney (sounds like a subtle hint to the other 14 scrooges to come good with some art).

The Tate’s Nicholas Serota said “It is an astonishing gift. Notwithstanding its size, this painting could have been sold to many buyers around the world. Simply to give with no tax benefit to himself is a remarkable gesture.”

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  1. Lovely piece! I always like works that are larger than average. Did they mention how long it took for him to complete?

    If the other artists don’t submit works to the Tate in all honesty I think it’s their loss, most artist would jump at the first chance to submit work.

  2. Especially interesting on the heels of news that art museums are worried over the increase in private collectors electing to create their own museums http://foundationcenter.org/pnd/news/story.jhtml?id=210800042

  3. That is a stunning painting. And the manner that it was painted in was pretty impressive as well. Hockney is a master in the truest sense of the word.

  4. Vanessa, I think I remember reading somewhere that it took the artist six weeks to paint. If I’m right, that’s a lot of work for an aging man.. or any man for that matter.

    Johnston County, at least theyre still making their collections public.

    I guess having their name on a wing of a museum just isnt enough for some of them. Maybe their egos are so large that they need a whole museum to house it..lol.

  5. love the trees
    “…….. it took the artist six weeks to paint. If I’m right, that’s a lot of work for an aging man.. or any man for that matter.”
    – or woman!
    1972? i saw the Big Splash.[?] a dokie on his work – i recall being shocked to see him project an image on his canvas, draw the out line and then his assistence [?] got to work by filling in the blank spaces with paint strokes/dots of colour!
    years later i learnt that many a big name, have done the same. leonardo for one or was it michele?
    7:45am cape town

  6. Anonymous says:

    The copse represents his EGO which blocks all view of anything else as far as the eye can see, left, right, up, down.

  7. I like it, it is kind of folkie.

  8. That is a really nice piece. I’m happy that it will be for public view.

  9. love your work and i am doing a biography on you at school my favorite is nichols canyon rd. i love all the bright colors it makes me feel like i am in a fantasy world. what made you paint it?

  10. do you know what type of art is a bigger splash like cubism

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