Digital Artist Recreates His Drawings from Childhood

kiddie arts of telmo pieper

I was going to do a rant on the baby killing nutbag in Israel, but I’m tired of being angry and sad. Just don’t believe that evil television sitting in your living room. Do your intelligence a favor and smash it into a thousand pieces. Your soul will thank you for it. So, I’m posting about something fun, something that makes me smile, something beautiful. It’s the art of the Dutch digital artist Telmo Pieper. His Kiddie Arts series recreates his own drawings from when he was 4 years old. He has since developed a few more technical skills but I love his four year old drawings just as much ;-)

Telmo Pieper uses Photoshop to digitally paint his old drawings.

telmo pieper car drawingTelmo Piper – Childhood drawing of a car.

childhood drawing of whaleTelmo Pieper – Childhood drawing of a whale. I think the whale picture is my favorite. It looks like something out of the depths of the ocean! It’s a beauty ;-)

childhood drawing recreationsTelmo Pieper – Childhood drawing of a blowfly.

recreated childhood drawingsTelmo Pieper – Childhood drawing of a shark. I love this one too. It’s one weird looking shark!

childhood drawing recreationsTelmo Pieper – Childhood drawing of a beetle.

See more artwork by the artist at his website here. He does more than just digital recreations of his childhood drawings, so take a look. I found out about the artist over at Bored Panda here. Also, if you’re into beetles and bugs you might like this nature photographer that I mentioned recently.

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