Dog Portrait Photography

dog portrait photography

I love these dog portraits by the German photographer Ralph Hargarten. They look very human. He sets them up to be photographed like he would do people and then seems to capture the dogs with very human expressions. The pug dog below is a classic. Pugs are real characters.

Here’s some of his “A Dog’s Life” photographs..

boxer dog portrait

Ralph Hargarten photography. Portrait of a Boxer. I used to have a Boxer. She was the best dog I have ever met :-)

funny pug dog portrait

Ralph Hargarten photography. Here’s the funny looking pug dog portrait. Love it ;-)

pet portrait photography

Ralph Hargarten photography. I think this one is a French bulldog. I know he’s a cutie.

pet dog portraits

Ralph Hargarten photography. Dog portrait of a dalmation.

dog photography

Ralph Hargarten photography. This is a great expression.

See more photography by Ralph Hargarten at his website here. I really like some of his nightscape photography too.

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