Doll Face Short Film by Andy Huang

I found this fascinating little short film on Jafabrit’s blog. It’s by Andy Huang and is called “Doll Face”.

I have been thinking lots about society and how we trudge through life, aspiring to be like everyone else, and wanting to be accepted by all. So you can see why the “Doll Face” film would click with me at the moment.

I may be biased, but I think artists are the least like sheep of all people. We try to challenge norms and put mirrors in front of insanity. For this we are labeled “weird” or “nonconformist”, like it is a bad thing. In a society that was open to change, I doubt an artist like Banksy would be seen as a bad boy.. he would probably be a great political leader in a world that wasn’t afraid of mirrors.
That’s my rant for the week.. I feel better now :-P
Here’s the creator Andy Huang’s website.

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  1. ooh, glad you like the video, it is weirdly fascinating and compelling.
    I found this interview about it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    baaaah, baaaah.

  3. I think this video is sooo interesting! It has great meaning. If we stopped trying to look like those from tv. purhaps our natural beauty would shine through. If you get (for example) plastic surgery OVER and OVER and OVER because you are trying to look like those you see on tv. Eventually you will break down all together just like that women did.Only you won’t be able to put yourself together again because we are not robots. I would think… Just my take on it. :)

  4. There was a reason I was called Potty Coty in high school lol! I used to get into trouble for daydreaming, but I never could figure out what was wrong with it. I used to get into trouble for asking questions and challenging teachers at school. Oh I was a sheep, but a black one.

  5. Video and interview look interesting- so thanks for this.

    Society vs the individual it’s an age old conundrum this one. The Japanese saying: “The nail that sticks out the most, gets hammered down.” is particularly scary I think, but I suppose I’m seeing this from a western point of veiw.

    I’d much rather keep the ability to think and make than stay hammered down for the sake of conformity.

  6. lol.. Jafabrit, your profile pic tells me that you do things your way. I’m sure “Potty Coty” created her fair share of havoc for teachers at school.

  7. Very Interesting!

  8. Artists can be very conformist too, you just have to look at the current RA exhibition or the myriads of commercial galleries. Similarly i know a lot of loony pots and day-dreamers that aren’t artists! I was imagining today a world where everybody would be an artist, constantly day-dreaming or trying to outperform the artist next door…

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