Doodle 4 Google – Population Control

Doodle 4 Google is a competition open to school kids, giving them an opportunity to design a Google logo. The theme for the competition is “What I wish for the World.”

So I did my own crude Google doodle in Photoshop expressing what I wish for the world!

google doodle
What I wish for the world is some kind of radical population control as we’re a disease killing our host (what happens to a disease when the host dies?). So I have a ban on fertile sperm, the pill and a condom pictured in my Google logo.

Kids, don’t be influenced by my Google doodle as it’s crude on a few levels and people don’t like being told to stop breeding, so you wouldn’t win the competition.

Schools and students can find more information on the doodle for Google competition here.

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  1. Regarding your wish of population being controlled much better: I guess economic development has done much to foster that goal (and actually reversed it in a lot of countries). Have you seen the excellent and by now classic TED talk of Hans Rosling on that topic yet? It’s really worth the 20 minutes.

    nice drawing by the way ;)

  2. Yeah, economic development is good for the poorest countries as family sizes are decreasing, but people are also living longer and consuming more. Overall population is still steaming ahead too, so the brick wall that we’re going to slam into hasnt been taken away.

  3. There is no population problem. There is only stupid mismanagement of resources and poor planning.

    And, at any rate, this is only a white man’s issue. The rest of the world isn’t buying into this nonsense from the Western liberal.

  4. Love the concept. Bit wobbly in the execution though. I don’t think Dennis need worry about losing his job.

    You should enter it in the next Blogger Green Day. (Remember those wild Aussie porkers destroying the Great Barrier Reef with their poo?)

    What niggled me at the time of last year’s Olympics was dozy Yanks moaning about human rights in China, because of its one-child-per-family policy (and other human rights issues).

    China is leading the way and thank Goodness it is, because it already has a huge population gobbling up the planet’s resources.

    The traditional curbs on the populaton – famine, war and disease – aren’t enough and they are also cruel. Birth control is a much better way of limiting the population, but how do you get people to vote for one-child-per-family in a democracy?

    I’m also coming round to the idea that some people don’t deserve to live and should be executed for the good of society. Here’s a perfect example. In Ghetto London, at least 4 thugs gang-raped a 16-year-old schoolgirl with learning difficulties and then threw caustic soda all over her! She’s covered in burns and will be scarred for life. The gang showed no remorse and even thought what they’d done was funny! One of the 4 was knifed to death while on probation awaiting trial. (Good riddance.) The 3 other psychopaths received 8-year prison sentences. So, in 4 or 5 years time (assuming time off for good behaviour) they’ll be free to commit the same atrocity again! Next time it might be a 13-year-old schoolgirl.

    In China they would probably have been executed. A just punishment, a lot safer for schoolgirls and a small contribution toward saving the planet.

    Mind you, I’m not defending China on all its human rights issues. Handing out 10-year prison sentences to politically incorrect bloggers is appalling!

  5. Love the doodle. I do have to ask though if size of family is a cultural thing and sometimes borne of economic/health circumstances. Having a large family is a matter of survival for some.
    Amish believe large families are a blessing from God. In iraq having a large family has economic benefits. In Korea large families are prized.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think the problem is that not enough educated, thoughtful, intelligent hardworking people have children. And too many trailer trash, welfare recipient, and inner city baby momma’s do. My cousin (who falls in the trailer trash category) just had her second kid because she wasn’t getting enough social assistance with just one. Plus her first kid was in school full time, so she was running out of excuses to stay home every day and not get a job.

  7. Of course it would be greener for the global population to decline rather than increase and chew up the already stretched resources.

    However there are are so many cultural factors involved e.g. people think they should have children, are not educated, do not have access to birth control or believe birth control to be wrong that it’s not an easy problem to fix.

    If you live in a richer country you can have fewer children because you would normally have access to health care, education and welfare if you loose your job and as a result there is an increased survival rate for you and your children.

    These conditions also mean people live longer which means simply having fewer children is a solution that only works after many years of population decline.

  8. it could be that at google they want to make sure to attract kids to googleism as soon as possible. and of course it would make it easier for them if they knew what is going on inside the mind of the kids.

    and then you shouldn’t be too concerned about our host. the planet earth is even less relevant for the universe than the human kind is for the planet earth.

  9. The recent octuplet phenom was particularly disturbing – an example of self-indulgent over-breeding.

    Scathingly great article here:

  10. I like that for the L you used the traditional phallic symbol, which has been a prominent symbol in art throughout history.

  11. I think that population control should be practiced on the people touting it. kill them first. …. but seriously when you put it that way, who should decide who has no babys and who should abide by it. Quoting from gold member “there are two things I can’t stand, racism and the dutch” It’s different when applied to yourself, it’s easy to tell someone else to do it.

  12. No babies in my house Tom, Im good.

    And I would be happy to choose who can breed and who can’t. Firstly, everyone would be stopped from breeding. You would have to earn the right to breed, it wouldnt be a given. If you can look after yourself emotionally, psychologically, and financially, you would qualify to do an intensive 4 year degree on raising a child and producing more well adjusted people.

    Politicians, lawyers, religious leaders, and those on welfare need not apply as theyre automatically banned from breeding (all of them must be retarded to do what they do).

    I know Im half kidding, but it would create a paradise on earth! Imagine a thinking, well adjusted society?!! It’s hard to imagine as no such thing exists on earth, but it’s a place I would like to live.

  13. Donald Frazell says:

    A major reason artists are so lousy these days, is because they are so self indulgent, and lacking the qualities of sacrifice, and giving, which is love. Nurturing is an essential human quality, whether raising crops, or children, and i tend to my garden.

    With economic times destroying families now, its a good time to adopt. Personaly, i have found that goodness may skip a generation, and the children of trailer trash can be the Obamas of tomorrow. My biological is a disaaster, after having the best of upbringing, besides our divorce. He had both structure and guidance and opportunity, and has squandered it. I watch TV and see his old friends and less talented playing college basketball at Stanford and UCLA, while he pisses and moans at a juco. Hope he grows up, too old now, gotta do it on his own like a man.

    My adopted son, hass a literally crazy mother, bipolar who i have taken to a mental hospital three times. But he and his half brother doing great, an Annapolis grade who just tood his MCAT, his medical exam to be a doctor, like my sister in law who is helping him too. You never know, often from the morass of humanity a rose appears, as well as blight.

    Artists need to help others to ever develop as human beings, and so truly understand art, for it is passion of all humanity visualized. One must experience everything, and find ballance in it, to ever be creative. This has been lacking, to much taking, far too little giving. Now is the time, things will get far worse in the future before they get better, time to help, not look for it.

    By the way Dion, you surviving the fires? Whats with aussies getting roasted, we have fires like this all the time in cali, and while we lose hundreds of homes, seldom more than a few stubborn people or those unlucky enough to get caught in its path unknowingly, die.

    Hope you and yours are safe, we finally are getting some rain, but water rationing is becomming a way of life, more and more people, with less and less raing and snow n the areas we steal our water from, the Sierras and Colorado River.

    art colegia delenda est

  14. Yeah, no fires in the suburbs, Im safe. The reason that so many people lost their was because it was a perfect storm of fire. Relentless HIGH temperature days for weeks dried everything out. Combine high winds with 110+ degrees fahrenheit temperature.. throw in a few demented arsonists.. and you have a disaster. Our trees burn like theyre filled with fuel, so people didnt have time to escape.

    We have killer fires in the south of Australia and floods in north. Interesting times we live in.

  15. Donald Frazell says:

    Glad you are OK,. was worried for a minute. We get the same conditions, the santa ana winds get that hihg and dry coming off the desert near Palm Sorings, and many of our trees in the mountains are dying of bark beetles from drought and perhaps pollution, though it is much better than back when I was a kid(dating myself)

    We are in a drought, but not as bad as in the 1980s when a long sever 7 year drought ahd people in Santa Barbar painting thier lawns green, they have only local water supplies. But we have more people and Las Vegas adn Arizona taking more water from teh Colorado river before we can get ours, we are becoming perpetualy dry. got 8million in LA county alone.

    Are those my vineyards burning up? Gota ahve my wine, but hope they do a bettter job getting people out, and stringing up arsonists. I dont have a problem with the death penalty in many situations, just know we will kill some innocent along the way and not acceptable, but burn the buggars!

  16. Donald Frazell says:

    And when we get fires, not unusual to have the cars and everything covered in ash for days. Even here near the beach.

    I have been messing with them brits, but the last few days its been idiot artistes whining about not getting federal money from teh stimulus bill. Babies. All teh problems we got, and artistes want more cas from poppa and uncle same. For waht? msot have nevere worked a day in thier lives, adn gotta hange on to the paying job, adn taht measn strong economy first. Got healthcare adn education adn unemployed and they want more. Damn, I love great art, but hate artistes. Stupid babies. ( thats from rugrats, a Cartoon these folks probably watch alot.

  17. hmm, how bout retro-population control to get rid of people that think there are too many people. They could be the martyrs for there own cause!

  18. It would make much more sense to cull those that don’t realize we have a population problem. Those that have no idea are still popping out baby after baby. What’s wrong with one or two kids?

    We’re such a stupid, greedy and dangerous species.

  19. Anonymous says:

    IT has nothing to do with population size,but the people who make up the population. We Americans are way more wasteful and are the largest source of CO2 emissions even though our population is smaller than China’s.

  20. I agree that Americans are wasteful Anon, but our current problems have everything to do with population.

    If America had 30 million instead of 300 million people it wouldnt matter (as much) how many ridiculous SUVs people drove.

    6+ billion people is just sad. We’re not breeding for survival. We’re now breeding our way to destruction, yet we claim to be one of the smartest animals on

  21. From your post, I sincerely hope that you are practicing population control. Those of us that are capable of reproducing decent human beings will continue to perpetuate the human race. Since we can’t for Eugenics, I hope you are volunteering to participate.

    sent from:

  22. I am child free, but it’s not because I think it will save the world. We’re a plaugue as it is so it really wouldnt make much difference.

    We’re destined to breed ourselves to death.

    Eugenics might actually help as we certainly couldnt be any more stupid than this current generation of people on earth.

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