Doodles of Presidents

The image below is a presidential doodle by Benjamin Harrison (1889-1893). If you see doodles as a peek into the mind of the doodler, surely President Harrison had some strange things going on inside his head.

presidential doodles

According to the authors of a book called “Presidential Doodles”, this doodle is a “drawing of a jack-o’-lantern-style face and an ostrich-like bird surely ranks as one of the greatest doodles in presidential history. It suggests a zany, mischievous streak in Harrison, as well as a capacity for conveying a surprising degree of human emotion.”

There’s a small gallery of doodles by American presidents over at their website too (no longer online). I would be more interested in politics if leaders were required to publish their doodles on a regular basis.

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  1. Gosh, people draw weirder things than that, it’s hardly weird at all. Who knows what he was thinking about.

    People are so afraid to admit the weird thoughts they have, but we all have them :)

  2. It reminds me of a game of pictonary; only now it’s Presidential style. I like the doodle done by Hoover on the quiz page.

  3. What’s really scary isn’r how weird this doodle is, but how childish it is.
    I wonder what Bush’s doodles are like! On second thoughts, I don’t think I want to know until he’s out of office.

  4. That would be interesting. I’m almost tempted to do my own version of George Bush doodles.

    Actually they would probably just be blank pages…

  5. Hahaha Dion..

    no comment :)

    Maybe the man never did draw or anything, I mean even if you start when you’re 30 your drawings will look like a kid drew them a little bit anyway. I’m wondering more about the thought than the style.

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