Doris Salcedo’s Shibboleth Video (Tate Crack)

Anonymous left a comment on the Doris’s Crack post, with a link to a video response of the exhibition at the Tate. But he/she must have did something wrong as the link was to So, I did a search myself and come up with some interesting videos on YouTube.

It shows the work in a new light. The photos that I have seen of Doris’s Crack are very staged and only show the work from perspectives that the photographer finds interesting, but letting someone loose with a video camera shows it how it is. It also shows how people interact with it, which is quite interesting. I still have no idea how people are hurting themselves though.

There’s another video of the Tate Crack here.
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  1. I liked seeing the video and showing how the public interacts with a work of art.

    sometime I think the more you try not to trip over something, you trip over the dang thing. Or some people just really don’t look down and don’t see the crack?

  2. I would like to have seen how the three women with strollers navigated the crack – the video cut away too soon…

  3. Art News Blog says:

    Ok, seeing so many people cris-crossing all over a crack in the ground may go some way towards explaining why people hurt themselves ;-)

    I would still feel pretty stupid if I tripped on the crack though ;-)

    It’s a big commitment by the museum. With all the work that was put into creating the crack in the floor, I would cover it with glass or perspex and make it a permanent feature (when the exhibition finishes).

  4. I wish people wouldn’t use those arty “fades” between powerpoint slides – very confusing, and adds 50 percent to viewing time.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I thought the crack was permanent,and went to see it a while ago.The assistant told me it had been filled in,so i went and saw the filled in crack !
    I’m fascinated by cracks.
    Thank you.

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