Earth Day 2008

Google has celebrated Earth Day 2008 by letting the grass grow around their logo. BrandZ and Millward Brown have found that Google is the number one brand on their annual “Top 100 Most Powerful Brands” list, so the Earth Day website should get a few extra visitors from the search engine giant today.

Earthday 2008

The Earth Day website is encouraging people around the world to call their leaders today to “ask them to enact tough and fair climate change legislation.” My prediction is that politicians worldwide will have their phones off the hook.

Here’s some previous Google logos for Miro, Munch, and Van Gogh.
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  1. Is that a Ninja Turtle I see crawling out of Google’s river?

  2. It could be a Ninja Turtle Ian. But if it’s a real river on this earth that we live in, it’s probably a turtle fighting for air after swallowing a plastic bag. Or it could be a turtle crawling out of the chemicals and sludge that the industrial plant up stream is pumping into it.

    I’m allowed to be an environmental pessimist today, it’s Earth Day! If I had my way, I would call it F#$ked Up Earth Day.. or F#$ked Up People Day.. lol


  3. I like the logo. Better to leave it this way :p

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