El Greco Painting Record

el greco auction record

A bidding war between a Russian collector and an Indian collector saw the 3 to 5 million pound estimate of El Greco’s “Saint Dominic in Prayer” almost double to reach an auction record for the artist of £9,154,500 or about $14,000,000 USD.

Doménikos Theotokópoulos’s other work in the auction at the Sotheby’s old masters auction in London went for £3,442,500. Christ on the Cross is more than twice the size of the Saint Dominic painting but I know which work I would rather have hanging on my wall.

Here’s the El Greco painting that went for the record price..

el greco auction record paintings

And here’s the much larger painting of Jesus Christ on the cross..

christ on the cross el greco

I was just thinking, with political correctness now gone mad, where nicknames are almost banned, shouldn’t we be forced to stop calling this artist The Greek? Doménikos Theotokópoulos isn’t so hard to say ;-)

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