Emil Nolde Retrospective

emil nolde retrospective

An Emile Nolde retrospective will open on the 5th of March at the Städel Museum in Germany. 140 works by the German Expressionist artist will be on show. They’ll include paintings, watercolors and prints with a focus on his early and late works. This will be the first Nolde retrospective in Germany for 25 years.

“Hardly any other Classical Modern artist has been so manifoldly discussed and is as omnipresent in German museums as Emil Nolde. On the basis of current research results, the retrospective will shed new light on one of the world’s most well-known artists, whose oeuvre still awaits discovery in many respects.” says the curator Dr Felix Krämer.

german expressionist painting

Emil Nolde – Bridge, 1910

emil nolde painting

Emil Nolde – Wooing, 1916

emil nolde exhibition

Emil Nolde – Paradise Lost, 1921

emile nolde jesus christ

Emil Nolde – Burial, 1915

emil nolde nudes

Emil Nolde – Candle Dancers, 1912

emil nolde flowers

Emil Nolde – Large Poppies (Red, Red, Red) 1942

emil nolde self portrait

Emil Nolde – Self Portrait, 1917

The Emil Nolde. Retrospective show runs from the 5th of March through to the 15th of June in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. See more details at the Städel Museum website here.

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  1. One of my favorites, and one of the few who actually understood color beyond a psychological shrillness, Ernst perhaps being the other though Kiefer has richness to his earth tones. Klee really Swiss.
    where you at son?

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