Etch A Sketch Art – George Vlosich

The artist George Vlosich has a video posted on that has been viewed more than 1,600,000 times. It’s of him doing an Etch A Sketch drawing for the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team.

Each work takes between 60 and 70 hours to create, with prices fetching up to $10,000 for an original piece.

He has been featured in top magazines and on television shows all around the world (I found out about him from watching TV in Australia).

etch a sketch art

Looks like George Vlosich is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame and getting to meet a bunch of his favorite famous people (see his celebrities page on his website).

I mentioned the marketing value of ideas like this a couple weeks ago, so I’ll just quote myself.. “I think there’s something to be learned from stories like this. Especially for artists that are working away in the studio, feeling unloved by the media, and looking for a couple minutes of fame. The media are hungry for gimmicky, throw away ideas that capture the attention of readers for a moment.” Post it Notes and Marketing Art Post

Here’s the video on YouTube (he sped it up and edited it down to about three minutes, so you don’t have to sit there for 60 hours)

The Etch A Sketch art of George Vlosich can be found at his website here.

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  1. Gimmick or not, that is not a mean sum of money and getting to meet his fave people too.

  2. Yeah, I’m happy for him. He’s doing something that he is passionate about, he seems to be making a good living from it (even his youtube video was sponsored by Quicken Loans and the Cleveland Cavaliers), and he’s meeting people that he admires.

    There’s something very Andy Warhol about what he’s doing.

  3. Awesome. Have you ever tried to do that on an Etch A Sketch?

  4. I saw a similar story in the metro (free London paper)a couple of days ago, the pictures were by Jeff Gagliardi:

    I have to say i think it must be the most frustrating way to do a drawing- these people must have a masochistic streak!

  5. Incredible work. I remember how hard it was to draw a curved line on an etch a sketch, it’s really impressive.

    I wonder what his collectors do with them, have it framed? I hope there aren’t any earthquakes, it could be shaken away.

    I am also a fine artist, but I specialize in acrylic paintings.

  6. It’s not a medium I plan to take up anytime soon Helly.

    For me, creating art is about freedom, not restriction. But maybe it’s also about working with what is in front of you, even if it’s an etch a sketch.

  7. Amazing work – it’s always inspiring to see things that weren’t really meant for fine art to truly be pushed to their limits. I do wonder about the longetivity of these things though…

  8. George happens to be my son. so I guess you could say I know him.To him all art is enjoyable to do ,and he appreciates others.If you saw how long it took as a child and the drive to be the best at something.well it payed off .he is also an award winning art directer nationally and he draws and paints sport stars.God has blessed him and his brother Greg with skills they chose to use not waste.they are both very humble and I am proud to have watched them work so very hard. they both do a lot of charity work,so its not all about the money. also the art on the sketch is permanent

  9. Mom of George, thanks for sharing.


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