Fake Damien Hirst Blog

I’m not sure how legal this fake Damien Hirst blog is, but it’s funny. Im surprised Mr Hirst hasn’t shut them down.

This fake Damien Hirst work of 44 peanut M&Ms is called “The fear of becoming fat expressed in the joy of being colorful”

Fake Damien Hirst Print

Other works include Thoughts on eternal life by someone living a mundane life in a tiny flat, The price of being a virgin in the world dominated by people who’s virginity could never be proven, and Snow White and the seven dwarfs without the seven dwarfs actually being the seven dwarfs. See more on the Damien Hirst spoof site here.

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Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. Nice one. It sums up the overrated twit perfectly.

    By the way, Woopidoo, you’ve been collecting artists’ studios lately. Visit my blog, find an X-ray alarm clock and follow the link for the weirdest art studio in the world: lead-lined! (The X-ray photos are well worth viewing too.)

  2. what a great find. i would not be suprised if the blog is embraced by daamien hirst himself.

  3. Tastefully done, too. DH cant stand anyone who detracts from his greatness, he will soon swallow this up. Just dont tell him.

  4. Ian, I missed the xray pics and couldnt find it on your blog. I did have rant about Micheal Dickerson in Turkey though. He reminds me of a drug mule crying about getting life in Asia.. who cares? Sure, countries have backward laws, but the laws are not kept secret, so if you break the laws you deserve the punishment. Im not saying laws are good, Im just saying we have to accept them. I hate tax laws but I accept them as I hate the idea of being in prison even more.

    Donald, Im surprised Damien Hirst hasnt released the hounds already. I hope I havent dobbed him in by posting this..lol.

  5. Damn, thats cold, Dionysus! And a bit of a anarchist at the same time, quite a contradition, you. Yeah, he shoulda known better. Freedoms and “rights” are manmade things, they dont exist unless all agree to them and laws are passed by the people. If they dont want it, so be it. They can always change their minds, but til then, when in Rome.

    But Turkey is a “democracy”, and can do as they pleases, its not our business to critique others. We got enough to tidy up in our own house. As long as they dont send assasins to track Coxy down for posting the pics, and fits EU rules let em in. Muslim countries will never be the same types as Anglo ones, they will adapt to their own particular needs. And democarcy only works in middle class dominated societies, then its inevitable as economics drive the types of politics, not the other way around like is popularly assumed. Latin America and Asia have variants, as they are caught in between at the moment, though screams of Infidels! does get tiring. Not our problem or decision. To each his own.

    art collegia delenda est

  6. Kinda like the xray photos actually. Much better design and layerd interactions than what do you call it, Art these days. Witness Koons and DH. And teh objects have purpose, something artistes need to learn again.


  7. Donald, I know, Im a walking contradiction. I don’t know how I meld the two parts of me together, but I do, and it seems to work for me. It at least makes life more interesting..lol.

    And I dont even know what democracy means Donald. The more I learn about polictics, the more I see it’s just lies, manipulation, control, ass kissing, greed, and stupidity.

    I still love life though.. and people fascinate me endlessly ;-)

  8. Damien is boring as well.

  9. thanks for your post. you got to love art!

    damien hirst

  10. This guy is the mad Slovenian, who drove poor greety to distraction over at The Guardian. He is a complete and total bubkis(fool), which makes him perfect as a DH clone.

    art collegia delenda est!

  11. That is defo fake! His real website isn’t up and running yet but he has a publishing company selling all sorts from books to editions to postcard packs… http://www.othercriteria.com

  12. I don’t think Damien necessarily minds being spoofed. There must be something going on behind the scenes with the Cartrain issue.

    I interviewed Damien earlier this year about his new paintings and, despite his image (despite what I thought and had written before the interview), Damien really does care about art. His attacks tend to be on the art world, not art. The fake blog is witty enough that I suspect, like Dmitriy, that Damien would get a kick out of it. Just my guess.

    The interview is republished at http://www.boldizar.com/blog/nonfiction/damien-hirst-new-paintings-interview/

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