Famous Artist Tattoos

famous painting tattoos

Looking through the search terms from a couple of weeks ago I started thinking about tattoos. I want to start looking at different arts, getting out of my comfort zone and exploring a bit more. My comfort zone is expressive painting and drawing, it’s what I love and know, but really, my taste is so ridiculously broad that you could almost say I have no taste.

So, here’s some famous paintings as tattoos. I don’t have any tattoos and probably never will, my taste is like the wind, changing everyday, but if I did ever get a tattoo it would have to be something that I drew.

starry night tattoo

Vincent van Gogh’s starry night painting as a tattoo. I have been told that the soft underbelly of the arm is quite painful to have tattooed.

banksy tattoo

Banksy tattoo of a girl holding a bomb. There’s a whole bunch of Banksy paintings tattooed on people. They generally work well as tattoos I think.

hokusai great wave tattoo

Hokusai’s great wave painting as a tattoo. I really like this one.

michelangelo tattoo

The god and man touching scene from Michelangelo’s Sistine chapel ceiling fresco.

matt sesow tattoo

This is a tattoo in progress of artwork by the expressive painter Matt Sesow. I mentioned Matt’s 31 days series a few weeks ago.

max beckmann tattoo

I’m guessing there are not too many Max Beckmann tattoos around. This is his Fisherwomen painting.

faces tattoo

I drew this a couple of years ago. If I ever did decide to get a tattoo, it would be something like the arm at the bottom with the faces on it. Lots of loose and expressive lines and marks. I don’t mind the crazy looking flowers too. I think I’ll remain ink free though ;-)

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Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. I’m really conflicted with tattoos…I love the artwork, but can’t get beyond the “canvass” they’re using. I would like to see a collage of the same art on something other than someone’s body.

  2. It’s the forever part that gets me Bill. If tattoos lasted for a few years I might get one, but forever?! I’m told they’re addictive too! ;-)

  3. It a generational thing, as well s both outsider and military/seamen thing in thepast. So my oldest Navy Lieutenant as a view well hidden from public view, and youngest working across his body from left to right. Says he likes the pain of the needle. Weirdos.
    Luckily too broke at the moment for for, always hoped they would grow out of it, but its often personal memories like his grandfathers name rom belly to shoulder, with other strange stuff.
    I do thank God for getting rid of the piercings, thats just lame. Way too needy.

  4. I have several tattoos and I love them. I love that I can use my body for a canvas, I’m a piece of art and I want to decorate myself. Love the Van Gogh’s tattoo!


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