Fiona Lowry Wins the Archibald Prize 2014

2014 archibald prize winner

Sydney artist Fiona Lowry has won the 2014 Archibald prize with her portrait of the architect Penelope Seidler. She has been hung in the Archibald twice previously and won the Doug Moran Prize in 2008. I don’t dislike the painting, but it’s definitely not the painting I would have picked to win. Just look at the paintings I picked, none of them won. Michael Johnson won the Wynne prize and Andrew Sullivan won the Sulman.

Here’s the Archibald Prize winner for 2014..

2014 archibald prize winnerFiona Lowry – Penelope Seidler

Here’s the Sulman Prize winner for 2014..

andrew sullivan winnerAndrew Sullivan – T-rex (tyrant lizard king)

And here’s the Wynne Prize winner for 2014

michael johnson wins wynneMichael Johnson – Oceania high low

So, there you go. I think Guy Maestri was robbed of the Wynne. There were at least 5 better paintings than the Michael Johnson painting. The other two prizes, I didn’t care much for as none of the works really punched me in the face.

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  1. Aw, come on, Dion; you didn’t expect a great painting to win, did you? Where ‘s the controversy in that?

    My two favourites were:
    Vincent Fantauzzo’s portrait, All That’s Good In Me, Self-Portrait As Son Luca
    Peter Daverington – The Golden City Has Ceased

    • Hey Ian, you’re right. I have never picked a winner yet and probably never will unless they make me a judge!!! ;-)
      And yeah the Vincent Fantauzzo portrait is a nice painting. Not sure about the Peter Daverington one though. Too much going on in that for me. The nude in the foreground might have a nice butt and great boobs but that’s not enough for me.. lol I would like it more if it was cropped around her. Surprising it didn’t get more attention though as the androgyny card is being pushed by the system a lot lately.

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