First Dog on the Moon on Palestine

first dog on the moon

Not as controversial as Michael Leunig’s Palestine cartoon but it still points the finger at the criminal Israeli regime. Australian cartoonist Andrew Marlton publishes his work on the Guardian Australia website using the First Dog on the Moon pseudonym. In the cartoon below he mocks the ridiculous warnings that Israel says it gives to Palestinians before they blow their family homes to pieces. My only issue with the cartoon is the use of the word ‘war’ as there’s no war going on, it’s genocide and Israel should be punished for her crimes.

First Dog on the Moon on the attack of Gaza..

attacks in palestineFind more First Dog on the Moon cartoons over at the Guardian Australia website here. The cartoonist also has his own website here with cartoons, merchandise and more info.

More than 500 Palestinian men, women and children have been murdered by the rabid dog Israel as I post this. Shame on you Israel, shame on you world, shame on you humanity!

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  1. 100,000 dead in Syria. Any thoughts on that ?
    Boring, right ?

  2. You wouldn’t like my thoughts on Syria either ‘Michael’ as they differ from what the television tells you. Name a country that has recently been destroyed or is currently being destroyed and I’m certain you and I will see it differently.

  3. Dude, what are you smoking ? “Michael” ?
    Why don’t you share your valuable thoughts about Syria then.

    • I shouldn’t be telling you this as it’s teaching you to be a better troll, but wordpress blogs show the IP addresses of those who leave comments.

      And I would rather keep the focus on Israel while she has ramped up her baby killing spree. How can you support this? Do you see the Palestinians as real people? Do you have no humanity?
      I know you’re conditioned to see them as dogs but can’t you reach down deep into your own conscience and see the wrong in these murders? What if they were your brothers, sisters, mother, father.. what if they were your children?

      • Boko Haram killed 12,000 in Nigeria just this year.
        100,000 dead in Syria.
        ISIS is torturing IRAQ killing thousands.
        Russia has annexed Crimea and their rebels are shooting down planes.
        But no – you “would rather keep the focus on Israel”.

        • It’s a big bad world out there but this post is about Palestine.

          I hope to have a new blog up and running in the next month or two so that I can talk about geopolitics more as artists can only take so much, and this is a blog about art.

          I’m tired of insane tyrants running rampart around the world and I plan to discuss all the things you mentioned and more, but I’m pretty sure you won’t like my opinions on any world matters. I don’t watch tv and I dont believe anything that comes out of mainstream media. You seem to swallow their lies hook, line and sinker.

  4. People are dying all around the world for stupid reasons. Nigeria, Palestine, Syria it does not matter where they are dying, they are dying because people do not take action instead they draw cartoons about it rather than doing something.

    • Well he is doing something about it and taking action using the skills he has developed over a lifetime.. he’s a cartoonists. What’s he meant to do, take up arms against the monsters of the world? He’s showing the ridiculousness of the Israeli situation for what it is and hopefully it gets people thinking about it.. and then they all take action.

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