Food Art – Jelly Beans and Chocolate

I seem to be coming across a lot of food art lately. Wacky stuff, like portraits made with jelly beans (thanks to Helly). Another link I recently found was of the artist Vic Muniz. He uses chocolate to create paintings.

It’s 1am here where I am, and I’m really hungry, so I probably should stop writing about food before I end up in the kitchen for a late night snack. Other food stuffs that I have mentioned before have been the chocolate christ artist, the much healthier pile of bananas, and a giant dish of cows milk. And after all that food art, one would end up with byproduct art..

jelly bean minnie mouse

Update: MadSilence has a bunch of weird food art projects posted here.

Getting off the food art topic for a moment, but sticking with art that is a little different, check out these amazing pictures taken from Google Earth. Big companies have found that satellite images are great for viral marketing campaigns, but artists are also going LARGE and creating art for the martians.

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  1. that was fun, says I as I eat me brekkers, :) I enjoyed the google earth link.

  2. looks tasty, and it’s appealing to the eye

  3. Jelly beans? Phooee! Have a look at this artist’s work:
    You’ll find a link to more of his foodscapes. Wow!

  4. Double Phooee!
    I wish Blogger wouldn’t do this. It’s a pain.

  5. See this page for another use of food packages in collage.

  6. This is the correct URL for the food packaging collages.

  7. Dion, you’re not the only one fascinated with food art. And why not, when it combines two of my favorite things: food and art?

    Check out these two posts:
    food + creativity = art
    The art of fruit and veggie

    Thanks. I thoroughly enjoy your weblog. Well done!

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