For the Love of God but Cheaper

Damien Hirst’s diamond skull “For the Love of God” might be out of your price range, but “For the Laugh of God” might be within reach. Sure, it’s an appropriation and the diamonds are fake, but you’ll save about one hundred million dollars on the price of it.

The Polish artist Peter Fuss is offering his cheaper alternative for 1000 pounds. That includes 250 pounds worth of fake diamonds (about 9870 of them) and 18 hours of work by the artist.

fake diamond skull

Fuss is also offering prints of his “For the Laugh of God” sculpture for 1 pound. The prints are limited to an edition of 1000.

Damien Hirst has prints of “For the Love of God” available at prices that range from 900 pounds to 10,000 pounds, depending on the edition and size of the print.

See more pictures of Peter’s alternative to Damien here. I didn’t like the ugly diamond skull of Peter Fuss, just as I didn’t like the ugly diamond skull of Damien Hirst, but I enjoyed looking through the Billboards that Fuss has done in Poland, especially this one about love.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    He should have used the skull of an ape rather than just another human skull. I agree that they both suck. They are both tacky, like a souvenir that you wished you never bought while on holidays.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think it is great! Not that either are any good but the fact that someone out there is thumbing his nose at old Damian there is rich. Here, here for showing that any old ape can put diamonds on a skull…

  3. I like his billboards/posters too. And yes I can understand the thumbing the nose routine. I have felt like decorating a pile of poop with diamonds and calling it “hirst’s Poop”. I just can’t be bothered, too pooped out lately.

  4. Selling them as souvenirs might give mr Hirst ideas. Hirst priced souvenirs I mean, like $50,000 each, something in reach of the normal wealthy art collector out there.

    Spend $5000 on parts and labor for each mini replica skull, then sell as many as possible for $50,000 each.

    I think I’m starting to think like Damien Hirst.

  5. lol.. diamond covered poop. I wish I could afford to cover poop in diamonds.


  6. One Diamond Geezer is one too many. An anonymous visitor left this link as a comment on my blog on Hirst’s nonsense:
    Worth a click. Dare you publish? I chickened out.

  7. Ha! Diamond covered knob!

    I mentioned it as an update on the post Ian, but didn’t make a whole post of it because there isn’t much info about it on their page.

    I’ll keep an eye out for diamond covered things too!

  8. Whats all this Fuss about Hirst, it’s giving me a sore skull.

  9. Wow! What a chic thing! I would be happy to have such one!

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