Francis Bacon Painting from Iran

Reclining Man with Sculpture, a work by Francis Bacon that has been in storage at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran (Iran) for the past 25 years will soon be on its way to Britain. The work will be exhibited at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh, “Francis Bacon: Portraits and Heads”.
reclining nude - francis bacon

Unshown Bacon portrait exported from Iran
“Reclining Man with Sculpture, 1960-1961 was owned by the British collector, the Marquess of Dufferin and Ava, but was sold to the wife of the late Shah of Iran in the 1970s who founded her own gallery. But many of the Western paintings in her extraordinary collection ended up in storage when the fundamentalists seized power in 1979 and took control of what became known as the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.” The Independent

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  1. iran? on the left is lucian freud? ┬┐iran? … here i have uploaded a little video of bacon…

  2. Doing some research on Bacon and stumbled across this. Can’t understand how someone would have a painting like this in storage for so long. Could they not have at least put it on loan in another gallery? At least it on view now.

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