Francis Bacon Rubbish to be Auctioned

From the photos that I have seen of Francis Bacon’s studio, I thought he never threw anything away. But an electrician that did some work for the artist in 1978 was lucky enough to rescue some Bacon junk from a skip.

After keeping the Bacon stuff for thirty years, Mac Robertson has decided to sell them. The things that Robertson collected from Bacon are expected to sell for up to five hundred thousand pounds.

francis bacon auction

They include slashed paintings with no faces, a canvas with writing and paint spatter by Bacon, letters, journals, photos, and unused checks (cheques).

Here’s why he threw the things away..
“Mr Robertson first met Bacon, then 69, in 1978 when he agreed to install a heating system in his studio in Kensington, West London..
Bacon was angry that workmen had been trampling over a pile of junk in his flat. He decided to throw it all out in a fit of petulance.
Mr Robertson managed to calm the painter down and persuaded him to let him take some of the rubbish home.”
Daily Mail UK

Most stories about rubbish in the art world usually end up with people mistakenly throwing away the junk of artists, so it’s nice to see rubbish being kept for a change.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love it. I bet there will be buyers for this “garbage” aka historical treasure. More power to this guy!

  2. I have some in the basenment – any takers? Nice post…

  3. I read that the Irish government recreated Francis Bacon’s small cluttered London studio for a price of about $20 million back in the artist’s home country. Is this true? I am a big Bacon fan! Cecil Herring

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tracey Emin’s entire studio should be cleared… its all a pile of rubbish.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ok, so every artist (australian, american, russian, british, french etc.) please DO NOT throw anything away, because one day it may sell for heaps of money and will be much more valued than to pay rubbish guy to take it out.. :))

  6. Anonymous says:

    nice rubbish if you can get it. well done to the guy for saving it for all this time.

  7. Are there actually artists out there that are not notorious pack rats? Who can throw out that scrap of canvas, or that pile of “reference” magazines loaded with pics you may one day yet use?

    I draw the line (pun intended) at pizza boxes and beer bottles.


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