Free Art Nudes if you Pose Nude

The artist “Johnny Naked” has a project where you can take home a piece of art for free if you agree to pose nude for him. Here’s what happens..

The installation which has been on display throughout the year invites viewers to agree to pose for a nude portrait in the Gallery 825 space in exchange for possession of the nude portrait of another person on display in the installation. Upon posing for the project, the subject’s portrait replaces the one currently on display, which is then given to them as “payment” for their participation.” Gallery 825

free art nudes

The project/exhibition is called “The Ever-Changing Naked Picture Project” and is at Gallery 825 in Los Angeles.

It reminds me of an exhibition a couple years ago where visitors were given a 25% discount if they viewed the exhibition in the nude.

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  1. Even though I am fit I would still not pose nude to public but wouldn’t mind private… I use myself as a model for my paintings!

  2. I wonder if a painter could do something similar to this. Where the visitor posed in the center of the exhibition and got to keep the painting in exchange.

    The exhibition would be part performance, part painting exhibition.

    Sounds more interesting than some of the performance art I have seen.

  3. i would love to give it a go in the name of art any takers in nz

  4. i think it would be fun to give it a go but i can’t see it happening in conservative new zealand whre i am

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