Free Hazel Dooney Photograph

Australian artist Hazel Dooney is giving away 500 limited edition photographs from her Lake Eyre series to celebrate her 500th post at her Self Vs. Self blog.

free hazel dooney photograph

The image size is around 2″ x 3″ on 4″ x 6″ paper. It is titled “Study for Modern Strategies Of Survival: Resized For Mass Consumption.” Each photograph will be stamped, signed, dated and numbered on verso.

See her post here to learn how to receive one for free.

Previously Hazel has given away prints that had to be downloaded and printed using your own printer, but this offer is signed and sent from her actual studio. Just the logistics of preparing 500 works to be delivered would be enough to scare me off being so generous.

Hazel has also started using Twitter. I still don’t get Twitter and I have no idea how it has become so popular. I like brevity but how much can you say in one sentence? I’m probably missing something though as a lot of people are now using Twitter. I would be interested in seeing how much traffic artists are getting from Twitter.

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Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. I like brevity but how much can you say in one sentence?

    Seems succinct to me.

  2. Self vs. Self is an interesting site. Dooney deals with sexuality in a more grownup and sophisticated fashion than the body casters, I think.

  3. Yeah I like her blog Karl. I really don’t have many artist blogs bookmarked as they generally bore me, but Hazel’s is one of the few that I read.

    I would read more artist blogs if they talked about the business of art, working in the studio, and the challenges of being an artist, but most tend to talk about shopping lists and washing the car.

  4. most tend to talk about shopping lists and washing the car

    Well, I guess I’ll can that next post I was working on ;-)

  5. Maybe your shopping list posts will be more interesting than the others that I have seen Karl ;-)

  6. I don’t want to get too technical, but is that her real hair?

  7. Actually, yes, Karl. It IS my real hair. These days, I prefer to wear it short – think ‘GI Jane’.

  8. The problem is, sex without passion, without personal connection, is just fucking. And certainly not art. The antithesis actually.

    While I love sex, have actually written two erotic stories based on past lovers. And told I kick Zanes flat ass, strictly physical fucking is more a sickness, as obsession and desire are not exactly virtues. They are part of vanity and greed.

    Bonding is key in art, as it is our job, our Purpose, to bind humanity together, not seperate and jealously keep for oneself. We have a job to do, and have been terribly irresponsible in its execuiton over the last few decades. If we dont contribute to humanity, we are useless, and will be forgoten, as it was all just a dream. A wet dream.

    And all this numbering and signing makes art the commodity it has become. One does not have to go along with what is in fashion, fashion being actually the enemy of art. For nothing is more etherial, art must have substance, be of the earth, mind, body and soul. Not the dick and vagina.

    This lack of backbone, of character, is Creative Arts downfall, not that it exists much anymore, art being more entertainment than exhaltation. I refuse to sign and number. I want all to get prints that want them,, attempting to set up a system to do so. But cant do it through the academically created business model of today. I am attempting to go around it, but takes time, though now is the opportunity, as Obama is attempting to recerate a corporate atmosphere, educational model, and health structure.

    And attempting to bring back vigor and vitality to art, not moody self absorbtion and decadent longings. Its NOT about Me, its about Us. This obsession with words, language, concepts is retarded. Art is purely visual, any words attached just mean it is illustration, not Creative Art. And Dooley is a pretty good illustrator, like her watercolors the best, just as Fairley is a designer, not an artist at all. Lets just call em as they are, this arrogance of wannabe artistes is so damn annoying. And a lie. Nothing wrong with being an illustrator, but it keeps real creative art down, and out of the picture claiming that all the therapy, absurdist, pseudo intellectual illustrative, decorative and design is the same as that of eternal arts. From Knossos, to Kyoto, to Klee.

    That of the mind, body, and soul. If you take away one, you are a cripple, if two, then you are a fool. Or one of the above, which is fine and necessary, as is pop music, I guess, but please just stop frontin as true creative art. Its not. And why Contemporary art is ignored by 99% of humanity. Even if they do like a ho like Beyonce, and all the rest these days who wiggle about and talk about fucking and money and using, and then claim to be classy. Sad. And we wonder why our kids are so messed up. Not that many artiste are selfless enough to have kids, let alone really raise them.

    Few get it anymore. The brainwashing is near complete. But I find those outside of the system do still get it, the potential market vast, if the price is right. But most just buy posters that are better than the vain and weak art in contemporary galleries. Who care if it is signed?

    This autograph mentality is just weird. I know and have coached kids who are now professional athletes, you think I got some silly autographs lying around? A nice thank gift is more appreciated, though I never asked for cash. I am not a user. Nurturing is a profound and pleasurable thing, if its for cash, then you are a whore. People are not investments, they are family.

    And that feeling is completely lost in the art world. They have no families, no connection to the world, to each other, its all using. A “I got mine” mentality. Everything has a dollar value attached. And nothing is worth a damn. So it is time to rebuild. I art as in the financial world, and our attitudes toward life and one another. Sex as a means to money, art as a form of exhibitionism, life as a game without meaning. Its time to grow up.

    art collegia delenda est

  9. I requested my photograph weeks ago! And thanks for letting me know she’s on Twitter…now following!

  10. Thanks for the intro to Hazel Dooney. It’s good to have a woman representing female sexuality in this way.

  11. Aww, Donald, you might dislike my work but you do ‘get’ it. Sure, I am giving away a small, relatively insignificant work as a gift to fans but it is also entirely and intentionally ironic – an autographed photograph of myself, for God’s sake! Yes, It is a piss-take of the whole idea of artist-as-celebrity, art-as-product (and, dare I mention it?, media as message) and as such represents a conceptual piece of modest scope and ambition. I think it’s great that you are the only one who really got it. How smart are you!

    As you have also rightly observed, my nihilist approach is frequently sugar-coated with fashion and pop cultural reference. You see through it but I think the broader audience does too.

    Can I offer you a print from edition – it could be unsigned, if you’d prefer.

  12. No thanks babe. my wife is far sexier and more erotic, not to mention talented, than what you got to offer. I am fine, thanks.

    Marketing the obvious has always been a rather sore point with me. Why bother? Thats not what art is about, or never was until our current age of excess, where people buy large things for no reason, except to reassure themselves of their clever ideas. As the paintings certainly dont have any.

    Again, I do rather like your watercolors, as there is little thought given to them. Those who can should, those who cant, well, a man, and woman, have got to know their limitations. Damn, I love Clint Eastwood. Cant wait to see him and Spike Lee go at it.

    art collegia delenda est

  13. No leash Donald, I changed the comment settings so that posts older than about 5 days are moderated. New posts still go live straight away.

    I did it because a retarded Chinese spammer pushing his crap art site would continually post his links on 20 different posts, then I would have to go to each post and delete it. Now he can only do it to about 5 days worth of posts and I just reject them on older posts.

    I dont like doing it on newer posts as it slows conversation down.

    I’m not big on censoring opinions unless they get too personal or offensive. Art would suck if we all thought the same, just as life sucks when we all start to think alike.

  14. Oh good! I thought you were muzzling me, and was going to have to make the guy at Hungry Hyaena my new BFF. Check his site out, I like that he combines my favorite triad, nature, mankind and god. The very stuff that art, and human life, are made of.

    You two are about the same age, us old guys got some tricks, but its up to you to change things. Not that anyone can ever believe i am 50 in two weeks, especially when with my wife, the Tae Bo goddess she is. Thats what happens when you live life well. And learned far too much, much I wish I didnt know. The grey hair in my beard coming from my kids, one anyway. At least my head is full of hair, and can still hang with they younguns, though I had to give up basketball when my kids started dunking on me. The legs start to go at 32.

    Anyway, gotta run, picking up some wine and Duck for dinner. My garden is beginning to give its bounties, nothing better for mind, body and soul. besides great sex. Ooops sorry, kids may be reading

    art collegia delenda est

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