Free Hugs

Something not very related to art, but something that no one can have too much of; FREE HUGS! The hugger is Juan Mann and the music is from the Sick Puppies. Juan Mann (One Man) says “For every person who gets a hug, you see five walk past with a smile on their face.” Here’s the youtube video of the free hugs being given out by Juan Mann.
Update: 2013 and this viedo has been viewed more than 74 million times on youtube. How awesome is that?!!

I’m wondering how much hugs would sell for. $5 hugs? New business idea ;-)

Read more about the free hugs on the Sydney Morning Herald website here.

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  1. People do need to be hugged more. It gets rid of a lot of weight.

  2. It made me smile and anything that makes people smile is okay with me :)

  3. I smiled too – started with that first hug and lasted all the way through to the finish!


  4. p.s. I really do like how you dig up all this art-stuff in your blog…thanks!

  5. I think that the Americans (I am also included in this.) Should start a hug-evoloution. Everyone in America is to busy nowadays and a hug is a very much needed necessity.

  6. Yeah, I think most western countries don’t hug enough. I remember after coming back to Australia, from spending a while in Turkey (where hugs and kisses are frequently given between men&men, women&men, and women&women), I hugged a guy and almost got myself into a fight with him.

    That probably says more about the monkeys I was spending time with at the time than Australian culture in general, but the majority of AUS, UK, and USA seem cold.

  7. Bobbie Zaphiriou says:

    Why the hell am I crying? Maybe I just need one myself. Thank you for this! I manage a bookstore crew of 25 and with such things as ‘sexual harassment’ policy, it’s hard to feel like I could pull this off……but I really want to. Or something kinda like it anyway. THANK YOU FOR PUTTING THIS IS MY FACE.

  8. Good point Bobbie. I wouldnt encourage hugging coworkers in this day and age.

    Would be interesting to see a workplace where you had to hug the boss before and after work ;-)

  9. Anonymous says:

    This made me cry too. ^_^ It’s just so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing the love and hugs.

  10. “Free Hugs” reveals the essence of the fine arts. They depict the vision that is present in the dreams of the today but absent in our nitty-gritty. However, you can make a miracle and the miracle may be yours … In other words, I am happy to welcome you to my world on a web. Thank you.

  11. You say it’s not related to art, but I say it’s art at its finest. Nice find.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I smiled the whole four times I watched it this morning. Great hugs to you too.

  13. This video was a great social experiment, an exploration of civics, and an artistic film all wrapped into one. I’m impressed! I will be sharing it with my students at the art school at which I teach!


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