French Artist Bernard Lorjou

I like discovering interesting artists that I have never heard of before. French artist Bernard Lorjou (1908-1986) is one of them. I still don’t know much about him but I like his work.

french artist bernard lorjou
Bernard Lorjou – Bull and Bullfighter (The Friends)

jazz pianist painting
Bernard Lorjou – The Jazz Pianist

circus painting
Bernard Lorjou – Circus Horse on Hind Legs

King David painting
Bernard Lorjou – King David

More of his work can be seen at (it’s a little challenging to navigate but worth the effort) or at the official Bernard Lorjou website.

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  1. Hi, I love your blog. You have a lot of useful information. I would love to see more commentary/news on contemporary figurative work as well.

  2. Interesting, can see the influence of Nolde, Ensor and picasso in them. nature god and mankind involved, nice work. But always amazed how jazz paintings fall so far short of their subject, become too illustrative and relying on the motif to carry it.

    Keep on seeing a goose staring at me in the yellow blob at top, with long white neck crained around at me. Weird.

  3. I agree on the picasso influence. Especially in Bull and Bullfighter (The Friends).

  4. I find his work to be amazing! I love your blog. you seem to pull a lot of great content for all of us to read. Thanks!

  5. Damn, just looked at his site, he is dead. Was hoping there was some recent painter worth a damn. Thought his work looked familiar, I am sure i have seen some in books. Guess i am just an old fashioned modernist, actually a new fangled one, but what the hell. I always found the American AbEx to be excellent but overrated, the French after WWII were at least as good, with other artists also out there on the continent.

    Guess my french Fraselle blood leads me to real color, not just splashes of unrelated and garrish daubings. Color is harmony, even when dissonant, it is on purpose, and must be used as such. It is rarely understood anymore, or certainly felt. Sad.

    viva le france!
    art collegia delenda est

  6. parvatiful says:

    he is mostly fluenced by chagall,to such an extent that i can’t find his work that original…it is interesting, but nothing new (although that doesn’t necessarily mean bad).

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