Funny Animal Portraits

zoo portraits by yago partal

Some of these creations by Spanish photographer Yago Partal are much more successful than others. The Zoo Portraits project humanizes animals, making a cow look less like beef and a pig look less like bacon. I think we’re meant to relate to the animals, but it’s just as much about smiling too. They’re fun. Their outfits generally match the character of the animal.

Here’s a few beauties from the series..

funny koala portraitThe koala portrait looks like a middle aged Aussie guy on an overseas holiday with his floral Hawaiian shirt on.

funny pig pictureThe warthog looks like a country bumpkin used to rolling around in mud.

cool black pantherSmooth black panther ready to pounce.

funny hippo pictureI like the hippo picture. Looks like he means business.

funny gorilla portraitSophisticated looking gorilla.

funny monkey pictureThe macaque monkey picture is probably one of the more successful illustrations. He does look like a psychopathic CEO though!

See more of the Zoo Portraits series by Yago Partal at his website here. There’s all sorts merchandise available too if you want to take one home with you.

They remind me of these cool dog portraits by Ralph Hargarten that I mentioned recently.

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