Gail Sauter’s Painting Studio

Here’s another artist’s studio. This one belongs to Maine artist Gail Sauter.

So many artists that I know have dogs hanging around their studios. Painters seem to be dog people more than cat people.

Artists studio of Gail Sauter

And little gems like this come out of her studio..
Painting by Gail Sauter

Update: Here’s a few more photos of Gail’s art studio (which was originally a Victorian Dry Goods Store) and her studio pooch. Gail says “I don’t get a lot of foot traffic here in Kittery, but that allows me to work and hanging out my welcome flag does draw in a sale now and then. I do think that we, as artists, are largely invisible to the public and that it is good to have open studios etc.”

Artists studio of Gail Sauter

Artists studio of Gail Sauter

Artists studio of Gail Sauter
Outside view of the studio with the welcome flag out.

See more paintings by Gail Sauter at her website here and/or read her blog here.

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  1. I wish I had the luxury of a nice big studio space!!

    I have to make do with the dining room table!

    Producing half a dozen paintings a month on large canvas is proving ever more difficult.


    If anyone from Perth in Scotland is reading this and has something available, let me know :)

    Studio space here is somewhat lacking.

  2. is’nt it neat and tidy

  3. I have a big one, too. basement – stinky, dark and dump. Six pc per month. I am a women and mom, and the space doesn’t matter…

  4. Wowee! What a beautiful and tidy studio. I am impressed. My studio looks more like the last day of a garage sale. :)

    I am a dog person, too! Though a cat did sneak in here somehow and we let her stay.

  5. Very nice work. Sorta a cross between a Barbizon painter and figuartive Diebenkorn. Nice examples given in her blog too.

    sorry, not in Scotland, better start working smaller. I have bene lately, only doing the big ones when i know they will sell. Smaller sells easier, 6′+ takes commitment from a buyer.

    Bet this woman sells well. And would pay nicely for her studio, very consistent work, excellent brushwork. Found her niche.

  6. All my paintings sell. And I have a publisher to honour too.

    I work on 2 sizes 70 x 60cm and 90 x 70cm. The smaller ones are slightly more manageable but when you have 2, 3 or 4 on the go, it dosnt matter what size they are, they take up space, and then theres all the paints etc!

    I live in a flat and dont have the luxury of a spare bedroom, garage, shed or basement. Some artists dont know how lucky they are when they have ample space to play in. Though I think I’d still stick with my dining room table as apposed to a dark dump of a room! :)

    The studios around here have a 2 year waiting list so I’m told. Not good!

  7. I appreciate every inch of studio space I have Scott as I have also painted in living rooms and bedrooms. So I may have to share my space with building materials and machinery, but I dont care as I have plenty of space to work in and to stand back and look at paintings. It’s not such a big issue for me now to have 20 paintings on the go as there’s plenty of space to have them sitting around.

    It does matter where u work and the only people that think otherwise are those that are forced to work in a bad space. Obviously you work where you have to and it doesnt matter at the time, but when you do move you see how much better a nice studio is. Im still not in my ultimate studio but I feel blessed to have the space that I do have at the moment.

  8. I quite agree. I know I will appreciate the space when I do get it. Just to be able to leave stuff out without having to pack everything away each time will be the biggest luxury of all.

    There are a few empty units I have found, but most are suited to small retail which are too expensive, or office space which isnt really appropriate. Something will crop up soon and at least in the meantime, it’s an expendature I dont need to worry about.

    ….Or I could send the kids to boarding school, and then convert their bedroom! :)

  9. I guess I am lucky as we live on a small rural block. My husband converted a shed into studio space. I have space to do graphic design and to paint/draw/sculpt.

  10. Janice, a shed conversion is a good idea.

    As for the studio, the lamps look quite scare. It seems to me that they are the ones which produce this really nasty, super brights light.

  11. I looove her beautiful studio!! Lots of space and tidy (the way I would have mines, IF i had a studio). I’m grateful to be able to work at an artist-friends studio, whenever he’s available, but I REEEEALLY need my own so that I can work whenever I need to. How liberating!!
    Her work is beeeeautiful too!!

  12. Wow, I wish I had such a big open studio! I guess I should be grateful for my corner of the living room , haha! At least I can leave my paints out, but I would love to have the space to work on a couple paintings at once. One day I’ll have that luxury!

  13. Ah, room to breathe. I just moved into a new house and turned the garage into a studio! It’s so much better than my one bedroom apartment. The added space has given me the freedom and courage to try some new things, and I’ve begun to sell more art!

  14. I had the dream studio. A converted foaling barn, 32 x 48 ft with process dedicated spaces for metals, ceramics, general fabrication, and painting. Each of these were 14+ ft square, with a center “midway” where classes and workshops were held. I would up spending all my time in administration and management of the place. Was a wonderful experience, and I am very glad for it. But, now, I have downsized to space about the size of a 3 car garage plus a 12 x 15 light and airy painting studio. I am blessed.

  15. What a fabulous workspace!

  16. nice workspace :-)


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