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Mushtaq Bhat of Germany was moved enough by the comments on the Self Absorbed Geniuses post to start his own blog at the age of 54. The post was about the Rebels and Matyrs exhibition at the National Gallery in London, and how artists are often self absorbed and create their own myths.

Nathalie said “Of course we are, most artists put their heart and soul into what they do, so it’s not odd that it’ll be highly personal work with one self as the starting point. IF you also tend to work emotionally, trying to convey something, a feeling or whatever, you’ll usually have something from your own personal life to “tell” about. About self portraits… I do them because I think it’s really really interesting to see a lot of fine features and details in a face, that you usually don’t see because you never look hard or long enough to notice.”

Earl said “The self obsessed artist at least believes in themselves and maybe that’s why we remember their work.”

Irv said “Thanks to social and cultural functions of the designation, artists were among the first, if not the first, occupational category to be characterized as one in which only the ability to penetrate into and express the hidden depths of self and others would allow them to function at their best.”

And Coxsoft Art said “The self absorbed “genius” is merely masturbating. He doesn’t really want to communicate with anyone else. Why lower himself to communicate with plebs?”

And Mushtaq’s advice on his new blog is to Make it to the top or go bust!

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