George Bush Paintings Hacker Gets 4 Years Prison

psychopath at the easel

The Romanian hacker known as Guccifer, most famous for releasing the George W. Bush paintings to the world, has been sentenced to 4 years in prison. The taxi driving hacker could spend up to 7 years in prison as he already had a 3 year suspended sentence to his name for hacking into the accounts of Romanian public figures. The 42 year old Marcel Lazar Lehel hacked into the accounts of notable people worldwide by guessing the password security questions of accounts using information easily accessible to the public.

Among his targets were Corina Cretu (who sent revealing emails to Colin Powell which prompted him to come out publicly and say that they didn’t have an affair), The New Yorker magazine editor Tina Brown, British journalist Jeremy Paxman, and a number of other people in high places.

george bush cat paintingThe US victims of the Romanian hacker were not mentioned in the trial, he was there for hacking the accounts of George Cristian Maior, the director of the Romanian Intelligence Service, and the accounts of Romanian politician Corina Cretu.

I think George Bush should demand that the great Guccifer be pardoned as he has done more good for his image than any highly paid PR team could ever do. The Bush painting leaks made the old baby killing psychopath look human, like he has human emotions and feelings like regular people, but he doesn’t. He’s a crazed killer in a suit, nothing more.

Here’s some more George W Bush paintings and here’s Bush’s painting of Jay Leno.

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