Geostationary Banana Over Texas

Here’s something for the kooky category. The Geostationary Banana Over Texas project hopes to put a giant banana over Texas.

The artist behind the Banana Over Texas work is César Saez. Saez plans to put the banana between the high atmosphere and earth’s lower orbit for about one month. It will be visible to Texans with the naked eye, day and night.

Everything is bigger in Texas.. even the giant bananas floating in the sky.

banana over texasFrom the project’s website, here’s some reasons why they are doing it..

The banana is ‘pop’ (and foreigner). It is a common thing, and yet, it comes from far away.
- “..because there are no bananas in Texas, at least no banana plantations.
- bananas do not grow in Texas”.
This intervention has irony. Like the paradox about localized actions with global dimensions.
This is a daring action, defiant like a cowboy act. And the banana is macho and phallic, they say.
It is in Texas because it has oil,and a lot of Walmarts, Exxons and Halliburtons. (and The Ranch)

It is a buffoon act, trying to impress…Texan dominant Aerospace, and all the Gun Clubs.
At the end it as a Show, a banana in the sky is an odd celebration to spectacle, to the advertisement industries; and to the Warhol Art.

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  1. ha! ha! it is so stupid I love it.

  2. Hey! I live in TX and get bananas growing on my banana trees quite often, as do other peoples i know in TX.

    But I still can’t wait to see a giant banana in the sky!


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