Gilbert Legrand Sculpture Out of Tools and Everyday Objects

french artist sculpture

I love these quirky sculptures made from everyday objects by the French artist Gilbert Legrand. He uses knives, scissors, door hinges, paint brushes, cork screws, zippers, and all sorts of other household items to create little people and animals. Art, like life, is too often serious and weighed down with issues. We need more fun art :-)

Here’s some of the fun sculptures by Gilbert Legrand..

fun paintbrush sculptureGilbert Legrand – Paintbrush sculpture

french sculptor gilbert legrandGilbert Legrand – Hand-saw sculpture

3 men made from zippersGilbert Legrand – Three zippers made into 3 bearded men.

rat spray sculptureGilbert Legrand – Spray bottle made into a rat.

rake man sculptureGilbert Legrand – Rake sculpture of a man.

fun horse sculptureGilbert Legrand – Horse sculpture made from a saw.

Fun aren’t they? He has plenty more quirky sculptures on his website here. He also does illustration and photography.

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