Gina Rinehart Says Sell Government Art

australia's richest person

Australia’s richest person says the government should sell all its art and decor to pay for essential services. Gina Rinehart, the mining billionaire and richest woman in the world with an estimated net worth of $22 billion, must be so poor that all she has is money. I would much prefer to nationalize the mining resources and create a MASSIVE sovereign wealth fund so that future generations can benefit from the country’s vast, yet non-renewable resources. Not to let a very privileged few piss their wealth into the wind and create a platform to spout ridiculous ideas.

Having said that, I do admire her for being so offensive and absurd. People that think like all other people are dull and quickly put me to sleep. At least I could imagine arguing with Gina over some of her crazy ideas. I think I would surprise her with a few of my own crazy ideas.

Another idea the jolly billionaire came up with in her recent article published in the Australian Resources & Investment magazine was to give prisoners an option to buy their freedom. Sounds like a government money maker to me. The psychopaths would be throwing us in prison for farting too loudly and then demanding money. Never give a psychopath an incentive to lock people away as they’ll come up with all kinds of creative ways to achieve that goal (see the current US prison population.)

She also wants lower taxes, no bloody windmills, and for the public to be more appreciative of the amazing work that billionaire miners are doing for the country. Three words: sovereign wealth fund. Then if the government doesn’t steal too much of that fund (highly unlikely) we might see taxes coming down and infrastructure spending going up.

I really should start an offensive political blog! ;-)

See a few Gina Rinehart quotes from the article over at the BRW website here.

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  1. No high-bred sense of noblesse oblige here, clearly.

  2. Greed and a dull mind will do that Lisa. Most Australian billionaires suffer from both. We need more crazy rich people like David Walsh of the MONA museum in Tasmania.

  3. Norway does it with oil. They have one of the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world.

  4. We’ll never do it Jen as it makes too much sense.
    Plutocracy is too easily sold as democracy.

  5. Dr Teri Merlyn says:

    What with Dame Gina feeling her mettle, now her bitch – ooops! Sorry! Knight Abbott is in power, and that other hefty magnate, Sir Clive, ‘O He of the Yellow Titanic’ Palmer, girds his loins to joust with The False Knight of Democracy on the fields of the senate, we are truly moving into a New Dark Ages. The illusion of civilisation has proved shallow, the Barbarians have breached its moat, and a New Age of Oligarchic Philistinism is about to descend upon us. Lord have mercy upon us!

  6. Yeah, it always has been a plutocracy though.. so not much will change. Different puppet, same puppet masters. Democracy is all about smoke and mirrors. It’s a magic show and we all fall for it.


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