Google Celebrates Diego Velazquez

The famous Spanish artist Diego Velázquez is on the Google homepage today. Google has appropriated the Spaniard’s Las Meninas from 1656 (The Maids of Honour.)

Famous Spanish ArtistI don’t think Google has integrated their logo very well with the painting but I still love that they continue to celebrate artists in this way.

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  1. I do appreciate art. But, people should be reminded of the military operation that started the freedom of Europe from the Nazi regime in WWII. D-Day (Operation Overlord), should have been the theme of Google, on this day. Not the birth of an artist that the average American citizen will not even know. I think that Google made a bad choice. Support the memory of D-Day and the thousands of servicemembers from that multi-national force that were lost in that operation. Not the memory of a painter.

  2. I’ll take art over a military operation any day of the week thank you very much ;-)

    Art isnt as important as air and water, but I think its more important than men killing each other on a battle field.

  3. i agree with art news! :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    D-Day brough freedom to much of the world today, and I can’t see why that’s more important than a painting. To forget about D-day is to dishonour all those who fought for the freedom we enjoy today.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well, in this way I will only eat meat, only drink whater, …

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey, let’s cut Google some slack! Over the years, the logo has recognized many kinds of markers: historical, artistic, silly (April Fool’s Day, anyone?), sentimental, and who knows what else. The special logos don’t define what’s *most* important on any given day. And if I had to guess, I’d bet that D-Day, Pearl Harbor, Veteran’s Day, and other military events have been justly recognized, just as Las Meninas and Velazquez are being recognized today.

    And I say that as someone who’s been fortunate to be able to visit the cemeteries of Normandy as well the Prado.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Google works internationally, like it or not. In addition, the World revolves not around the U.S., revolves around the sun. I applaud Google for its logo.

    I am Spanish as Velazquez and the history books say that nobody helped us to be free with our Civil War. If nobody cared for Spain then, why we are going to worry us for a war in which we fight not?

    Wars are bad, art is beautiful. There is a nonsense to discuss.

  8. Isn’t art and other cultural and intellectual ideas what men and women fought to preserve on D-Day and other great battles of WWII. I think to celebrate what was won by the sacrifice of so many is a tribute to thier courage. Let not forget why we are and what we are moved to fight for. The arts played a great role in WWII. John Heartfield ring any bells

  9. I dont think war should be celebrated at all, whether we win or lose. It should be seen for what it is; which is complete insanity, on both sides.

    Unfortunately the only solution to war is probably 100,000 years of human evolution. We’re much too primitive to understand that war is bad in this lifetime or the lifetime of our grandchildren.

    I don’t mind romanticizing the life and work of great artists as it’s harmless fun, but to put any kind of romantic or heroic spin on war is just dangerous.

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