Graffiti Animation by BLU

Here’s an interesting video that combines graffiti and animation. They don’t sound like two art forms that would easily go together but BLU proves that they do happily mix. He has some more graffiti or urban art on his blog here too.. very impressive stuff.

See more of the urban art master’s work over at his website here.

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  1. I love how he did his blog :) very cool in itself, let alone the work in it.

  2. Look, how the sun is moving each day. (shades), quite elaborate process to animate :)


  3. The animation is good fun- I like the strange creatures in it.

    The creatures make me think of ‘Trap Door’ an eighties kids animation:

    I also saw this which is kind of a magnetic/music animation, it reminds me of the ‘furniture you can draw’ post which was on Art News Blog:

    I spotted it on Cati Vaucelle’s blog about design:

  4. Lol.. trap door.. funny.

    Them magnetic images are fascinating too. Makes me think of the different fields and energies that are around us in our everyday life.

  5. i am simply hypnotized. great graffiti. great animation. great work!

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