Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti’s play

More on the recent controversial Sikh play in the United Kingdom. It was cancelled due to the violent and disgusting protests by members of the Sikh community. The author of the play has also had several death threats against her and for now there are no plans for further perfomances.

I heard a member of the Sikh community saying he didn’t want people to go see the play as it would give them the wrong impression of what Sikhs really are, but the actions of 400 angry and violent protesting Sikhs and worldwide media coverage of their actions has given them a much worse impression than any play could possibly do.

Leading figures from Britain’s arts world back Sikh playwright

“To stop the production of a work of art by means of force and continued threats of force is unacceptable… Doubtless, some will see the fact that the play’s production has been brought to an end by this campaign of intimidation as some kind of victory. The reality is we all lose by it”

the hindu


Black day in UK’s history of art?

“In an unprecedented and unexpected showdown between Britain’s powerful and networked artistic community, a leading British theatre company has told TOI it blames sections of the country’s unruly and violent Sikh community for “opening the door” to a disturbing censorship and unwarranted of theatre, books, novels and paintings.”

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