Guy Denning Drawings in Paris

britney spears drawing

Guy Denning’s wonderful drawings have popped up in my facebook news feed for as long as I can remember. I don’t see them as much as I would like to lately as facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg is a greedy little cretin (he’s forcing page owners to pay up if they want the people that have already liked their page to see new posts) but that’s another story. Back to the point of this post, Denning is showing a collection of works on paper at the Galerie Brugier Rigail in Paris, France this month.

Here’s some of the works on show..

portrait of muslim womanGuy Denning – Where it Started and Ended

guy denning portraitGuy Denning – Ypres

guy denning artworkGuy Denning – Verlorener Glaube

guy denning woman portraitGuy Denning – Sky’s still blue

revolutionary actGuy Denning – The only revolutionary act (ii)

The Party is Over, a solo exhibition by English born artist Guy Denning runs from the 15th of May through to the 31st of May, 40 rue Volta, 75003 Paris, France at Galerie Brugier Rigail. See more details at the gallery website (in French) or check out the artist’s website here.

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